Wan Long Shen Zun

Today is a very special day for Beitianhuang. Because today is the day for Beihuang Laozu to recruit disciples

Today is a very special day for Beitianhuang. Because today is the day for Beihuang Laozu to recruit disciples. What kind of person is Beihuang Laozu? That is the top three masters in the whole six wastelands, the famous immortal emperors in the immortal world, and only those top giants in the immortal world can slightly press one head. As long as the Northern Wilderness Friar has some aptitude, it will undoubtedly be sent to this nameless mountain. At the top of the nameless mountain, shaded by green trees, an elegant temple is hidden in the midst of the lush green. In the middle of the hall, several old men sat at the top, and rows of young monks stood below, all of them excited. And sitting above the old man, one of whom Wu Qiren is very familiar with, is the Lingfeng clan elder Akiyama, when he was in the Hall of the Sea King, this person appeared. Not only Akiyama, but also the head of the Wing Clan who appeared in the Hall of the Sea King at the beginning, and the Supreme Elder of the Ancient Temple Clan were all present. These monks, I think that Gao Xin is not bad. "Gao Xin is not bad, but I think Jiang Youqing's talent is a little higher." ........ At the top of the hall, several old men were all talking about it, as if they were choosing something from the pride of the Northern Heaven in front of them. Below the North Tianhuang Tianjiao,Stainless steel foundry, one by one is also perturbed, nervous unceasingly. This time, the ancestor of the Northern Heaven and Wilderness accepts disciples. Who doesn't want to be accepted as a disciple by the ancestor of the Northern Heaven and Wilderness? Just as everyone was talking, a boy in a Taoist robe walked out slowly and said with his hand, "Lao Zu said that today is a bad day. It is not suitable to choose a disciple. Let you go back and have a good rest. You can make a choice on an auspicious day in a few months." Whoa! When they heard the boy's words, they were all slightly stupefied. The boy was the old ancestor of the Northern Wilderness. What he said was the meaning of the old ancestor of the Northern Wilderness. It was absolutely impossible to be false. Everyone looked at each other, did not expect to stir up the great event of three hundred years in the north, unexpectedly so postponed. This auspicious day for choosing a disciple has already been chosen. How can it be unlucky? Although many monks were quite critical in their hearts,Investment casting parts, they left with a smile on their faces. When the boy saw that the young monks had left, he turned to look at the old men above him and said, "Your excellencies, please wait a moment. Lao Zu, please come to the rear hall for a chat." On the stage, you are the real power figures of the Northern Heaven, one by one in peacetime are unattainable big shots, at the moment to hear the boy's words, are excited. Lao Zu wants to see me? "Is it a big deal?" "I haven't seen Lao Zu for tens of thousands of years." ......... Sitting at the top of the old man, there is no light wind and light clouds just now, calm and indifferent expression, one by one become extremely excited. In the rear hall, an old man with long hair and long beard sat in the center, socket screw plug ,Steel investment casting, like a very ordinary old man, without any breath all over his body. But in the whole fairy world, no one dares to underestimate the old man in front of him. Because this man is the ancestor of the Northern Wilderness. At this time, Beihuang Laozu was holding a glazed jade slip in his hand, with a very dignified look. "The successor of Gu Changsheng appeared."? This technique is more like his own technique. He also heard that Changsheng Xianjun appeared in the fairy world, because Gu Changsheng had a great favor to him in those years, so he ordered Beitianhuang to try his best to help him if he met Changsheng Xianjun. But at the moment this transmission of jade slips, not like a young beginner, but there is a kind of blue and better than the blue posture. Beihuang Laozu put away the jade slips, "Anyway, this ancestor of the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Buddhas must go. This immortal world may not have heard the name of my Beihuang Laozu for a long time. It's not good to immerse myself in it for too long." ........... Demon clan, in the Purple Star Shrine. Nowadays, besides the royal family, there are also a few races that have a great position in the demon clan. One of the clan is Zijin Xuanyue Wolf clan, because this clan has a demon emperor master, it is the demon emperor Zixuan. Zixuan looked at the jade slips in his hands, and a smile came out in his eyes. When Yi Huan saw his father's excited expression, he couldn't help wondering: "Father, who are you looking at the jade slips for you, so happy?" Zixuan smiled and said, "An old friend." "Uncle Mo?" "No" "Uncle Qinlian?" "No." "Who the hell is that?" ....... Yi Huan looked at Zixuan in puzzlement, she had never seen her father show a happy smile. Zixuan smiled and said, "You saw this man, but you didn't know his identity at that time." "I've seen it?" Yi Huan is even more puzzled, can let father so excited friend, oneself have seen but do not know its identity, who is this person in the end? Are you finally going to do it? "Changsheng" Zixuan demon emperor looked at the west, eyes flashed a trace of purple golden light, "good, this time I Zixuan will accompany to the end." ........... Outer wasteland, Qing clan. In the forbidden place of the Qing clan. Qingwuyi is sitting in the middle of the vast, vast forbidden land to practice penance. Since the last time he fought with Luo Jiuxiao, he also saw some of his shortcomings, and after the battle, he also had a lot of insights, so as soon as he returned to the Qing clan, he entered the practice. Whew! Suddenly, a jade slip flew over the drowsy sky. Qing opened his eyes, the jade slips suddenly stopped, and then he reached out his hand and opened the jade slips. Whoosh! The golden characters jumped directly into the green eyes. When the golden character completely poured into his mind, a smile appeared in his eyes. Ha ha ha ha! "Changsheng, are you finally going to do it?" "It seems that the fairy world is really going to change." Qing Wuyi is one of the immortal emperors in the fairy world. How could he not know that a great change was brewing in the fairy world? This war may be an opportunity for turmoil. It may affect the whole body. It may be a good thing, or it may make himself and the Qing clan fall into a situation beyond redemption. But these seem so insignificant under the halo of that man. Gu Changsheng, who turned his hands into clouds and turned his hands into rain,metal stamping parts, is coming back again. .......... Wu Qiren's last jade slip, not surprisingly, fell directly to the Kasyapa Pagoda. autoparts-dx.com


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