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"Have you been hospitalized?" The health of artists will directly affect the image in front of the public

"Have you been hospitalized?" The health of artists will directly affect the image in front of the public, no film and television company will want a sick medicine jar, Chen Han is very concerned about this. What is the disease? It's not an illness, it's an accident. Had a car accident over a year ago. He's recovering well. It's not a big problem. Ru Siming stared at the coquettish face in the photo, even if the complexion is not very good, it is also a popular campus sick beauty. Just look at the face like a vase, a few words of conversation, but also neither humble nor arrogant, have their own ideas. Chen Han pondered thoughtfully. Ru Siming looked up at him. What's the matter? Chen Han smiled. Think of a person, still remember the emperor Ruiting's Angefei? It was also a car accident more than a year ago. In the morning, a high-grade villa community in L city. The Maybach 62S driven in by Gu Zeyan, as a foreign vehicle, went through the formalities of inspection and registration before it was released. Parked at the designated place, he walked in the direction of a certain door and rang the doorbell. As usual, the doorbell was X-ray dog's darkest empire, which was quite different from the owner's style. After waiting for a moment and no response, he took out the key and opened the door directly. Duplex structure of the villa, the interior layout is a whirlpool of bright colors and light, in front of the house, terrace, railings, dotted with a few potted plants, dahlias, lilacs, roses, and so on, placed slightly casual, some noisy. Gu Zeyan,wire nail machine manufacturers, of course, knew that this was only the tip of the iceberg. The white window screen in front of the French window flicked, revealing a corner of the back garden where the Wisteria trellis was built. It was exquisite and deep, with a sense of mystery. There was a resort for all flowers. If it's a stranger's first visit, it's obvious that this is the home of a professional gardener. The owner is passionate and loves life. Don't step on it! After closing the door, Gu Zeyan just planned to change his slippers, and a weak shout came from the second floor, with a clear sense of getting up. The owner of the villa stood at the top of the stairs on the second floor with messy hair, disheveled clothes and sleepy eyes. If he raised his arms straight, he would be a dirty zombie. Gu Zeyan looked at the foot of the eye, only to find that the slippers exposed a hairy thin tail, do not look carefully will not pay attention to. He crouched down and turned over curiously. Inside was a gray kitten curled up in a ball and playing dead. Keep a cat in a slipper? How dare you! When did you get a pet? "I went to the supermarket last night. I met him on the way and insisted on coming back. He was so thick-skinned." Gu Zeyan carefully got the kitten out and saw that the umbilical cord was still hanging in the soft abdomen, obviously just born. He looked suspiciously at someone upstairs who was playing dead. You can't even go, but you have to come back? Are you sure you didn't insist on picking him up? He put on another pair of slippers and put the cat back safely. The cat felt the touch and moved and sobbed pitifully. Angefei, Coil nail machine ,Nail Making Machine price, he seems to be hungry. "Let him have his own way. I'm hungry, too." Angefei put his hands on the railing for a long time, then finally moved and raised his hand to scratch his hair. His hair was very soft, and he slept the worst time. When he woke up, every hair was sticking up to the sky, still in a different posture. Angefei walked down the stairs, half squinting, like sleepwalking. Just ordinary people walk a few times to the end of the speed, he actually walked a little slow, first left foot down a step, then right foot landed on the same floor of the left foot, and then left foot down a grid, as if to maintain balance, he also held the handrail, young casual face staring, with the elderly also need to support the posture, it seems a little strange. Seeing that he didn't mind starving to death at all, Gu Zeyan shook his head and consciously opened the refrigerator and began to make breakfast. The refrigerator was bleak. He frowned and pulled out a hairy broccoli. Where is Mrs. Li? "My son got married and went back to his hometown." "When did it happen?" "Half a month ago." Gu Zeyan was preparing to throw the vegetables he could not look directly at into the paper basket, when he found that the paper basket was full of all kinds of snack wrappers, which could not be compressed any more. This series of life could not take care of himself, which made him somewhat helpless. So you eat junk food these days? Why didn't you tell me? Walking down the stairs, the right foot on the flat ground was still a little lame, although it was not a particularly obvious limp, but it was also clearly unnatural, and the young man who had been warned moved to the edge of the sofa, fell down on the broad soft surface, curled up his body facing in, like the kitten he had picked up, and felt as if it was not comfortable enough, groped for a pillow and put it on his face. Blocking the bright light of the morning and speaking in a sullen way. You've been busy with auditions recently. It's not good for you. This pair of I am very considerate do not need to thank the appearance, Gu Zeyan does not want to dispute with him again, picks up the key to change the shoes again. What do you want to eat? I'll buy it outside. "" Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket . " Shrinking the palm of the hand to the air, the number of five fingers. When Gu Zeyan came back from buying breakfast, Angefei had finished washing his face and brushing his teeth, and he began to sit at the table and enjoy the free takeout service with a good conscience. Gu Zeyan bought kitten milk powder on the way, listened to the guide's advice, and bought some disposable needles. He soaked the milk powder, pulled out the needles, sucked some with the needles, and pushed them into the cat's mouth little by little. People who are always serious and responsible always do everything like that. While feeding, he touched the cat's stomach to prevent excessive intake. Feed four times a day. And the needle has to be new every time. "What a trouble." The young man drank up the soybean milk without realizing that he should feel guilty if he picked it up regardless of life or death. Yan, I'll see you off. Gu Zeyan cast a look of contempt for you, but think about it, really do not trust him, even their own people are too lazy to take care of,Nail machine supplier, with a pacifier to feed the cat, can not be stuffed into the mouth desperately poked in is also possible. I don't know if Yuechen likes it or not. "Oh, your roommate." Angefei was obviously interested. "Your tone is too much like I need to ask my wife for permission." 。


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