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It was not until the figure gradually disappeared in her line of sight that Hong Luan felt that her limbs had regained some strength

It was not until the figure gradually disappeared in her line of sight that Hong Luan felt that her limbs had regained some strength, her hands stiffened and she took out the key from her pocket and looked at it foolishly for a long time. God damn it! I can't believe I used the beautiful man trick with her! More goddamn! She fell for it! Chapter 47 the beginning of cohabitation.. "Fang Dong.." Someone is on fire. Uh Someone is turning the pages of a book. Two bedrooms and one living room? Someone continues to hold down the fire. Uh Someone continued to turn the pages of the book. Since there are two bedrooms and one living room, why do you put two beds in one room? Hong Luan pulled out the book in her hand and threw it on one side of the sofa! Losing something to divert his attention, he rubbed his hands slightly, put his elbows on his legs, and then reached out a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. Xiao Luan. He suddenly raised his head and looked straight into Hong Luan's eyes. Hong Luan was startled and her eyes began to dodge. Did she just go too far? Staring at Hong Luan's already red face for a long time, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled: "It seems that I really did something wrong." "Are you going to move the bed out?" Said Hong Luan. "I regret not getting you out earlier. I'll go to the study in the evening." "Why don't you just move your bed to the study?" Hong Luan sat on the sofa in a huff. I changed that room into a study for your study, and you didn't appreciate it. With one hand on the side of his cheek, he tilted his head and looked at Hong Luan with a smile. I must be crazy to take the key. Hong Luan beat her head with chagrin. Ok! I see. Shall I accompany you to fetch the textbook? Less than two words, moving has secretly hugged Hong Luan's shoulder. Hong Luan squinted contemptuously at the hand on her shoulder, paused, and pulled it out firmly. I don't have many books. I'll go back and get them myself. You just cook honestly! Hong Luan got up. Then I'll take you downstairs. Move and stand up. No, "Hong Luan lowered her head and stuffed her feet into her sneakers." On the 17th floor, I'll take the elevator myself. " Just about to squat and tie her shoelaces, he squatted in front of her and lowered his head to tie her shoelaces carefully: "Walk slowly, don't worry." Looking at the soft hair and the fingers carefully tied with shoelaces, Hong Luan bit her lips and did not speak, suppressing the rising corners of her mouth. After tying the shoelaces of both feet,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, he raised his head and was stunned. Then he laughed again. He stood up and rubbed Hong Luan's long hair: "What are you giggling about?" Hong Luan also scratched his head foolishly: "Er." Then I'll go. "Well," he withdrew his hand, nodded and smiled. "Come back early." "Then.." Cook the meal and wait for me to come home. After dropping this sentence, Hong Luan ran away from the door. Five minutes later.. Moving still keeps the posture of Hong Luan leaving, standing alone in the empty doorway, his eyes are empty, although there is no one looking at the place, but there seems to be a slender and tall girl with long hair floating faintly in his black jade eyes, her cheeks are flushed, her smile is shy, jujube seed powder ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and from the appearance of her lips it seems that she is saying "home".. Another two minutes passed. With a bang, he closed the door, calmed down and suddenly began to breathe rapidly. His right hand held the skirt of his left chest forcefully, and under his fingers was a heart beating more and more frantically, which seemed to be getting faster and faster. As if unable to bear that kind of palpitations, he slowly crouched down against the door, covered his face with slender fingers, and began to tremble slightly. His calm lips gradually pulled into an arc, and slowly opened, revealing his white teeth. Elegant and soft laughter came out little by little, gradually connecting into a pleasant note. Xiao Luan, Xiao Luan, you always surprise me! Taking a deep breath, he stood up and pursed his stiff lips with a smile. "It's time I surprised you." I don't know whether it's the dividing line of surprise or shock. When Hong Luan opened the door with the book in her arms, she was startled by the dishes on the table. Just then he came out of the kitchen with two dishes in an apron. "Oh?"? Are you back? The first thing that caught Hong Luan's eyes was a big apron printed with the shape of a rogue rabbit, and then the handsome face. Although Hong Luan just saw the rogue rabbit, she wanted to laugh at the movement, but when she saw the gentle face, she felt unexpectedly harmonious, as if even if she was holding the toilet pumping in her hand at this time, she would feel that the toilet pumping had been integrated with the movement, which was very appropriate. But when her eyes fell on the dish in her hand, she paused and looked over her shoulder at the trash can in the kitchen. Where did you hide the takeout bag? Hong Luan took off her shoes and took the dish from her moving hand. Take-out food He raised his eyebrows habitually. "I did this." He pointed to the apron again. "Don't you see this?" "Go!"! Who doesn't know if you're afraid of being dirty. Hong Luan turned around and put the dish on the table. "By the way, can you finish so much?"? My stomach can't eat too much. "Finish eating." He chuckled, took a pot of soup from the kitchen and put it on the table, then took off his apron and hung it aside. I haven't cooked for a long time, and it's really tiring to do so much suddenly. Then he thumped his arm. Hong Luan squinted at the movement and found that the movement was also secretly looking at her. As a result, after finding that Hong Luan was looking at him, she immediately took her eyes back and beat her arm seriously. Hong Luan nibbled her lower lip, moved closer, pinched her arm gently, and muttered in a low voice, "I know I'm tired but I still do so much." Moved without making a sound, but after quietly feeling the gentle massage of Hong Luan for a while,ghana seed extract, he returned to hold Hong Luan's hand, a force, even people were pulled into his arms.


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