The legend of driving a corpse

Tian Zhishui says: "You see you do not sing all the time, it is to be afraid that you sing dry voice." Lamei said,

Tian Zhishui says: "You see you do not sing all the time, it is to be afraid that you sing dry voice." Lamei said, "Did you forget what Yogen told you yesterday?" Tian Zhishui asked honestly: "He said so many words, I don't know which one you mean." La Mei pursed her lips and pretended to be angry. She said, "You are still a teacher. Are you afraid that the students you teach are like you?" Tian Zhishui touched his head and said with a smile, "That's hard to say." La Mei said, "Shu Yaogen has told you that there is no one to tease this girl. How can she sing a good song?" With that, Lamei lowered her head and kept silent. Tian Zhishui then remembered that, yes, Shu Yaogen had said this sentence, only to blame himself for not having a memory, and had forgotten it to the sky. He couldn't sing, so naturally there was nothing he could do, so he said, "Lamei, let's go over there. If we are with them, we will have a partner to sing with you." La Mei did not move and said proudly, "It's not that you didn't see it just now. They came up together and couldn't beat me. It's so boring." This time, Tian Zhishui also can't. La Mei asked again, "Do you remember what you said yesterday?" Tian Zhishui shook his head, I said so many words yesterday, how do you know which one she was referring to? When La Mei saw that he couldn't answer, she said, "You, you,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, just now you couldn't remember what someone else said. That's excusable and reasonable.". Now, I'm asking you what you said, and you can't remember it. I can't remember what I said. Is it true that I only speak when the wind blows? If you do the same to your lover and don't keep your word, you will.. All right, all right, I won't talk about it. Shu Yaogen heard it and said that I was outspoken and had no taboo. Tian Zhishui remembered: "I said I would worship you as a teacher that day." Only then did Lamei laugh and say, "Then call me a teacher quickly." Tian Zhishui was also full of childlike innocence. He bowed to the ground with both hands and shouted, "Teacher Lamei, please accept my disciple's worship." Lamei deliberately curled her mouth, folded her arms in front of her chest,Flushometer valve, and said, "Disciple, get up.." Before he had finished speaking, he couldn't help it. He bent down with laughter and kept beating his stomach. Rao was like this, but he still couldn't stop laughing, so he squatted down and shouted "Oh, oh, my mother" in his mouth. When Tian Zhishui was in school, he was naturally respectful in the face of the imam, and in the face of the students, he had a face of teacher's dignity, which had ever been so relaxed and happy? For a moment, he could not help but let go of his hands and feet and laugh to his heart's content. Chapter 16 (5) Singing occasionally comes from the foot of the slope or the top of the mountain, but people have long disappeared. In fact, not all of them have gone home. Those who have gained something have gone into the woods in pairs. This is the climax of the concert. Under the old trees with thick shade like ink, beside the stream with spring water, in the jungle with thrush chirping, Flush valve price ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, in the lawn with flowers everywhere.. In this warm and romantic "garden", a love festival is being staged at the moment. I do not know when the moon quietly climbed to the treetops, round, white, quietly lying there, in the dim moonlight, the silhouette of trees, the silhouette of mountains, like a shallow Chinese painting, showing tranquility and mystery. Lamei gathered Deng Jinming and Chen Beard with songs and sent Tian Zhishui home. The stilted house of Shu Yaogen's house was dark. Tian Zhishui went up to the second floor in the dark, pushed the door open, went into the bedroom, lit the fir cream, and saw that the bed was empty, only to find that Shu had not come back yet. Running for a day, tired for a day, Tian Zhishui is not sleepy at all, but also immersed in the joy of the song. Today, he really knew Lamei, a famous and beautiful thrush, and worshipped her as a singing teacher half seriously and half jokingly. His sweetness is no less than that of Deng Jinming and Chen Beard. At the concert, he also met Yao Qijie and Long Guihua, who came to sing with Lamei. One was lively and pretty, the other was quiet and virtuous. The advantages of the two of them add up to exactly the same as those of Lamei. It can be seen that the beauty and loveliness of Lamei are not undeserved. He took out his notebook and transcribed the songs sung at the concert, especially those sung by Lamei and later "taught" him to sing, all of which were neatly transcribed. While copying, he also recalled the way Lamei sang and spoke. At this time, the night wind whistled in through the carved window lattice, blowing the fir paste almost to extinguish. He stood up quickly, went to the window, took a small stick holding the window, and the window closed with a "bang". At this time, a strange phenomenon occurred, although the flame did not stagger, but the upward flame, generally speaking, is only two inches high, and at this time, he saw that it was more than one or two feet high, as if it was sucked up hard by something, the flame was so thin that it almost became a line. Tian Zhishui followed the flame and looked up. The ceiling was all made of fir. In some places, it was a knot of fir. When it was untied into a board, the craftsmanship was not very good. The knot was not handled well and became a hole. On the fir board, there are about three or five holes like this, of different sizes, the big ones are as big as the bottom of a small bowl, and the small ones are only as big as a button. Tian Zhishui did not see anything strange, was about to withdraw the line of sight, the corner of the eye, see a hole, seems to "click" to flash, and people blink. He thought that his eyes were lost, so he raised his head again and looked at the ceiling. The holes were quiet, as if they had been drawn on the board. He laughed at himself and was about to bow his head and withdraw his sight when he saw that there was indeed a "blink" of a hole. His scalp went numb with a buzz. He simply stared at the hole that "blinked" the "eyelid". The hole was not as empty as he had seen it at first, but, indeed,Time Delay Faucet, there was an eye! Could it be that Shu Yaogen has already come back, on the third floor? Even if he had come back long ago, there was no reason for him to lie on the floor and peep at me through the holes in the board.


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