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Guan Yani looked around and said, "Ah Yan, I think there seems to be something strange about the Chongqing. Let's talk about the

Guan Yani looked around and said, "Ah Yan, I think there seems to be something strange about the Chongqing. Let's talk about the female boatswain. I've never heard of a girl serving as a boatswain." When Yu Yan boarded the ship, he had noticed that the sailors on the ship were orderly and powerful, and that the female boatswain looked like a former soldier. Without saying a word, he laughed and said, "What's the matter? Did someone expose your lies just now?". Are you not convinced? Guan Yani pouted and snorted, "There's nothing to be unconvinced about.". It's a lie, but I just don't like her tone. Obviously, they are all her own compatriots, but she is like a prisoner. Smiling, Xu Nianxin took her by the hand and said, "Well, you don't have to worry. I've just found the place for you, so that the girl will never dare to look down upon our Lady Yani again." With a blush on her face, Yani said with a smile, "Mrs. Yani, I think you want to be Mrs. Nianxin,Self-closing Shower Valve, or I'll tell the boatswain to let the sailors on board call you Mrs. Nianxin from today on." The two girls were making a noise, and there was a soft knock on the door. Yu Yan said with a smile, "You see, if you make trouble again, people will come to you." The two girls stuck out their tongues together and gave a charming smile. Yu Yan got up to open the door, and a haggard and beautiful figure stood outside the door. The figure stared at Yu Yan's eyes without blinking, and Yu Yan did not expect to meet her here. Shadow door I- "Yu words have not finished.". Wang Yingfei threw himself into his arms like crazy and said,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, "You are a bad guy, a bastard and a fool. You still know to come back. I hate you so much." Wang Yingfei was so excited that he could not restrain himself from hiding in his arms, and his ferocious little fists were thrown at him mercilessly. Yu Yan did not know what to say, but felt that the tears on her face filled her chest. Yu Yan's eyes were moist, and a burst of excitement in her heart suddenly raised Wang Yingfei's tearful cheeks to cover her bright red and fragrant lips. Wang Yingfei loosened his little fist with a soft sound and lost himself in his hot kiss. She went limp and asked for his kiss and murmured, "You wretch, where have you been? I miss you. I miss you so much that I'm going crazy." Moved and excited, Yu Yan pressed her tightly on the door and kissed her face, her eyebrows and her lips crazily. Wang Yingfei's face was full of tears and he was very emotional. The two people hugged each other tightly and completely ignored the existence of others. Yu Yan put Wang Yingfei on the door with his hands holding her back, her waist and her buttocks, and the comfortable feeling of lubrication made him unable to restrain himself. Wang Yingfei collapsed all over him and grabbed his back as if he was going to rub his body into it. Feeling his hands stroked his chest, her body boiling up, she tightly clamped her legs, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, gurgling heat from the spring, she mercilessly pressed her body to his body, but subconsciously said in her mouth: "Don't want the bad guy." This exclamation immediately made Yu Yan wake up, not to mention that there were two people in front of him, Yani and Xu Nianxin, and even the identity of Wang Yingfei was a big problem. Even if she wants to be with herself, what about the characters behind her? The concept of getting on the train first and then making up the ticket is not suitable for Wang Ying's identity. Wang Yingfei saw that he had stopped moving, but there was still a hot thing in his abdomen against her body, which was already very mature. Naturally, she knew what it was. She could not help biting her red lips and said softly: "You are a bad guy who has been away for two years and has come back to bully me like this." Her eyes were red, and she remembered the hardships of running on the sea in the wind and rain in the past two years, and tears fell down again. After Yu Yan woke up from a serious injury, his mind became more natural and unrestrained, and at the same time he had some bohemian taste. He hurriedly hugged Wang Yingfei in his arms and said, "I don't want to cry, but I have to tell you later." Guan Yani came out from behind Yu Yan and pretended to clap her heart and breathe heavily. Her face showed a sly expression and said, "Oh, it's so intense. It's really a good show to meet again after a long separation.". ” As soon as Wang Yingfei saw Yu Yan, his body and mind were all devoted to him. He didn't notice that there were other people around him at all. At this time, two girls suddenly appeared around him. Wang Yingfei, with a cry of surprise, quickly broke away from Yu Yan's embrace. The rosy clouds on his face reminded him that the scene of the leak between himself and Yu Yan had already fallen into their eyes. When she saw that the girl was Guan Yani, Wang Yingfei's cheeks were even redder. The two girls grew up together, met Yu Yan and fell in love with him at the same time. Just now, Wang Yingfei put on a good show with Yu Yan in front of Yani. How can Wang Yingfei not be ashamed. On the contrary, there is not so much feeling of shyness to Xu Nianxin. Smiling, Guan Yani hugged Wang Yingfei and said, "Yingfei, I miss you so much." Two people from small play to big feelings are not false, two people gently embrace a red eyes up. Yu Yan saw that both girls had broken the dike and hurriedly pulled the two of them over: "Don't cry. Don't cry. Aren't we all right now?" Guan Yani wiped away her tears and said, "Yes, we're all fine. Don't cry." Several people sat together and listened to Guan Yani talking in detail about everything that had happened in the past two years. The explosion fell into the sea to save the coma to wake up out of the island storm, every thing is soul-stirring, Wang Yingfei tightly grasped Yu Yan's hand, also did not care shy lying in his arms, tears rustling down. I didn't think I would never see him again. Smiling, Yu Yan moved her shoulder and said, "Silly girl, don't you think I'm fine now? It's all over." Wang Yingfei held her face like a kitten, and the panic made Guan Yani and Xu Nianxin's nose sour. When Wang Yingfei talked about the experience of searching for them at sea in the past two years, not only Yu Yan, but also the other two girls were deeply moved by Wang Yingfei's true feelings. Yu Yan gently touched her smooth jade cheek and sighed,stainless steel shower tray, "The shadow door has made you suffer." Wang Yingfei wept and said, "I will do anything as long as you come back." The three people met again after a long separation, and this time they talked for a long time. Guan Yani and Xu Nianxin were already exhausted and fell asleep on the bed with each other. Yu Yan's eyes flashed a trace of love and carefully covered the quilt for them. cnkexin.com


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