Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven

Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel HeavenKill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel HeavenKill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven

Cao Qiudao and Yang Yitian did not make a big fight because Shiyan killed Zou Yuefeng, Situ Liao and Zhong Lidun. On the contrary, Cao Qiudao and Yang Yitian praised Shiyan as if they did not remember the festival with Shiyan. They even restrained their disciples and severely forbade anyone to seek revenge against Shiyan. And Yang Jialou's evil three-god religion for hundreds of years. The relationship with the Yang family has also become unprecedentedly harmonious. Tang yuannan even often came to the undead island to talk to Shiyan about the situation of the endless sea. He was modest and did not have the airs of his predecessors. He regarded Shiyan as a close friend. The situation of the endless sea has undergone tremendous changes because of a young man who suddenly appeared. Undead Island. This is the holy book of immortality, which records the wonderful use of the immortal martial soul, and has a detailed description of the immortal blood. In the main hall of the Yang family, Yang Qingdi, the head of the Yang family, had a smile on his face, and a brilliant ancient book in his cuff suddenly flew out and flew directly to Shiyan. Reached out to take the undead scripture, Shi Yan looked strange, "Grandpa, I just look at the contents of the undead scripture, you don't need to give me the scripture directly." "Don't you understand the pains of the master of the house?" Shura King Mo Duanhun shook his head with a wry smile. "The holy book of immortality is the treasure of the Yang family. The master of the house gave it to you. What does this mean? Don't you really understand?" Inside the main hall, Mo Duanhun and Li Mu, the two great Shura kings, were all there. Yang Zhuo, Yang Jiao, and other major figures of the Yang family, all looked at Shiyan with a smile. Shi Yan's body was stunned, and suddenly his eyes lit up, "Grandpa, I.." "The Yang family in the future will belong to you." Yang Qingdi grinned, "I struggled all my life, but I only led the Yang family to the top three forces of the endless sea, and you, just came to the endless sea less than ten years, but let the Yang family become the overlord of the endless sea!"! I have to say, you are more qualified to command the Yang family than I am. I will give you the holy book of immortality now, and then go to everyone to tell you that you will be the future master of our Yang family. When I need to close the door and practice penance, you will control the Yang family for me. "This.." With a wry smile, Shi Yan touched the brilliant scriptures and hesitated for a long time. Suddenly he said, "Grandpa, I'm afraid I'm going to let you down." "Many of the Yang family's strongmen were stunned when they heard this, showing a look of astonishment." What's wrong Even Yang Qingdi was stunned, "The position of the head of the Yang family,12v High Torque Motor, in today's endless sea, means the greatest power, you are competent enough, this is what you deserve, why refuse?" "I want to go to the land of China. This endless sea is just a journey of my life, not the end." Shiyan's eyes gradually brightened up, "I've heard a lot about the magic of the land of Shenzhou, where is the center of the warriors in our land of divine grace, with the strongest warriors in the land of divine grace, the most horrible creatures, the most powerful sects, the oldest inheritance of martial spirits, and Xinyan is also there.." Yang Qingdi was stunned for a while. Then he nodded slowly and sighed, "So your heart is farther away.". Also, with your potential, even if you go to the land of China, you will be famous all over the world sooner or later. Perhaps, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, there is your real stage. "Therefore, I can observe this undead scripture for a period of time." Shi Yan smiled, "I want to go to the land of clouds, bring my grandfather into the endless sea, and when I return, I will give the holy book of immortality to my grandfather.". Well, no matter what, I am a member of the Yang family. Even if I am in the land of China in the future, I will be concerned about the Yang family. If possible, when I have a foothold in the land of China, I hope that everyone, like me, can also enter the land of Shenzhou and stay in the center of the divine grace continent. When the Yang family heard this, they all looked shocked and excited. To be honest, in the eyes of those people in the land of China, our endless warriors are just barbarians. Shi Yan hesitated for a moment and decided to tell the truth. "There are warriors of the true divine realm, ancient sects of tens of thousands of years, all kinds of mysterious areas, and the territory is much larger than the endless sea. There is the treasure land where the martial arts are extended to the peak. We can't sit back and watch the sky." Yang Qingdi looked pleased, "boy, you are better than me.". ” Mo Duanhun, Li Mu and others were also shocked, looking at his eyes, quite wonderful, as if he had hidden treasures all over his body. Now in the endless sea, there are no more people and forces that can threaten the Yang family. At this time, we should look further. Shi Yan laughed. Everyone hesitated for a moment and nodded approvingly. You're going to the Land of Clouds? Yang Qingdi hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, we should also be grateful to the Shi family. Without the Shi family, there would be no you, and there would be no glory for our Yang family today.". Affection is the most can not give up the human affection, you go to the past, they will be connected to the endless sea, and indeed should be. After a pause, Yang Qingdi arranged, "I'll let the Shura Blood Guard follow you and ride the monster. You can bring all the Shi family into the endless sea at one time. How about that?" Shi Yan nodded with pleasure, "so good." "All right, I'll arrange it." Yang Qingdi raised his eyebrows and said, "With what you're relying on now, not to mention the land of clouds, you can go even to the land of China. There really aren't many people who can hurt you.". En, in this case, you don't have to bring extra masters, just get some monsters that can bring more people. "Well, the knife." Yang Qingdi ordered to go down, and soon, one hundred Shura blood guards were ready to go, all waiting on the undead island. After saying goodbye to the Yang family, Shi Yan did not hesitate, then rode the ghost of the monster, took the lead, and went to the land of clouds. Halfway through the yuanluo sea area, Tang yuannan heard that he was going to borrow people from the land of Youyun. Without saying a word, he also asked a group of "Xingshenwei" appointed by him from the Sanshen Sect to ride the monster giant horned Griffin of the Sanshen Sect and go with him to the land of Youyun to pick up people. Shi Yan wanted to refuse, but Tang yuannan insisted, and he had to nod and agree. In this way,Small Geared Motors, he took a hundred Shura blood guards, riding the star God guard of the giant horned Griffin, and went to the land of the clouds.


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