Aidou will die if he doesn't kiss me.

Aidou will die if he doesn't kiss me.Aidou will die if he doesn't kiss me.Aidou will die if he doesn't kiss me.

It turned out that she bought the cake, too. On November 22, at twelve o'clock in the morning, the birch trees sang a happy birthday song for Lin Xibai. At 12:05 in the morning, the host announced the end of the birthday party. Lin Xibai picked up the card on the table, bowed to everyone, waved, and left the stage. He is indeed laughing, but it is inexplicable that Lian Yue feels that he is not happy now. To ask the specific reason, she could not say. - At 12:45 in the morning, Lian Yue and Song Yanyan were sent to Shuibo Xianting by Dajin. Before getting off the bus, Lian Yue asked, "Brother Jin, do you have a particularly powerful female bodyguard in your group? Recommend one." "Yes, Miss," said Brother Jin with a simple smile. "When you have time to bring a female bodyguard to show me, you must tell her that I not only have a high salary here, but also provide food and accommodation. When she comes,micro gear motor, let her live with us directly, and save you running back and forth." Brother Jin: "I don't think it's troublesome." Lian Yue frowned: "I think it's too troublesome. If I fall in love in the future, I may be misunderstood by my boyfriend. So, in order to prevent this phenomenon, it's better to change female bodyguards." Gold elder brother is made a bit helpless by her these words, hold back a long time to just answer: "It is my negligence, or you consider thoroughly." Lian Yue looked at the assistant aside: "What do you think?" Song Yanyan gave her a look and nodded. Excited,Low Rpm Electric Motor, Lian Yue turned on the computer to cut the video, which was done until three o'clock in the morning. When it was all done, she sent the video to Weibo and Alphabet Station. At half past three in the morning, she packed up everything and went to sleep. Lian Yue had a dream, in which she had a spring night with Zai Zai, and she was very happy. The man in the soft quilt smacked his lips and turned over with the pillow in his arms. When I woke up, it was nearly eleven o'clock. The golden sun shines on the quilt through the curtain, which is warm. Lian Yue lies in the quilt, and a frame of incense appears in her mind. A gorgeous picture His cheeks flushed uncontrollably. Oh, my God, she's.. How can you have such a dream! Zai Zai has so many advantages, how can she only covet his flesh. Body ! Whoo, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, she doesn't seem to be a qualified mom fan. It's so strange.. It's not that she hasn't dreamed of Lin Xibai before, but the content has never been so forbidden. Lian Yue pulled down the quilt to cover his face, and his ears were red. It must be because she cut the video too long last night and her mind was not clear that she had this dream. Yes, it must be. Lian Yue got up from the bed, dressed and washed, and moved quickly. She washed her face several times with cold water before the crimson on both sides dissipated. Lian Yue ran downstairs and sniffed. Wow, there are Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket and shrimp dumplings that she likes today. As soon as she pulled out her chair and sat down at the table, she heard Song Yanyan's anxious and worried voice. Yueyue, your baby is on the hot search. Lian Yueteng got up, and the chair made a squeaking sound when it touched the ground: "What?!" "The media said he was a private fan, you see." Song Yanyan said as she handed her cell phone to her. Lian Yue took the phone and pulled it twice on the screen to find out what was going on. They were photographed yesterday in the underground parking lot of Wei Xuan Xuan. Song Yanyan's face was full of worries: "Yueyue, isn't this your car? What if the media pulls out your identity? Cyber violence is terrible." After finding out, Lian Yue calmed down instead. She pulled her lips, raised her hand and patted Song Yanyan on the shoulder: "It's all right. Don't worry. It's just a small hot search. Just withdraw." Netizens are all goldfish memories, and they won't remember things about Zai Zai for too long. As for his illness, if he did not disclose it, she would keep silent. Song Yanyan: "Yes, Yueyue, at seven or eight o'clock, Lin Xibai rubbed your head and he sent milk tea to his fans. One ranked second and the other ranked fifth, but now it has disappeared." Lian Yue pinched her fingers and frowned. It's not hard to understand what she means. Someone is removing the hot search. Of course, the people behind the black box should be investigated, but this is not the focus now. I see. I'll take care of these things. You go to draw the background first. The manuscript will be handed in this weekend. Song Yanyan: OK, remember to eat something. ” Lian Yue sat back at the table, pinched a shrimp dumpling into her mouth, and dialed her brother's phone. Brother, you think of a way to help me remove the hot search of Lin Xibai. "Yueyue, why don't you discuss with him directly and let him sign our company?" "This.." Can you do it? Lian Yue looked embarrassed and asked tentatively. Sister, our family is not doing charity. We can't always spend money on Lin Xibai for no reason. Lian Yue bit his lower lip and said lightly, "Brother, I know what you mean. Forget it. I won't bother you. I'll solve it myself." Zai Zai didn't sign a contract with the company, but there is an independent brokerage team behind their group, and the brokerage team was founded by her male best friend. Picking people from their friends? Come on, she's so kind. How could she do such a thing? The most important problem is that she can't get away at all. Lin Xibai said in an interview before that he didn't want to be made into music. Intervention 。 Indeed, he can be called the lead singer of the creative department, and many singer-songwriters in the circle are very close to him, so close that Lian Yue thinks that Zai Zai may eventually embark on this road. Every time their male group releases a new song, many musicians help forward it. She had thought that people like Zai Zai, who were so aloof and aloof, did not have many friends, but in fact it was just the opposite. Zai Zai is aloof and arrogant. He loves freedom and doesn't like to be restrained. He probably won't sign a contract with any company. At the other end,small geared motors, Lian Shun's expression was very ugly: "How do you solve it yourself?"? Stand up and force an explanation? If you want to do this, I will be the first to disagree. Lian Yue's fingers moved back and forth on the table, but she really had no better way. She also knew the reason why her brother did not agree. He did not want others to concentrate their firepower on her and did not want to see her wronged.


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