The Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other World

The Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other WorldThe Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other World

Baioda calmed down and thought, though he was not sure if what the three of them said was true, he could hardly believe them. The power of death sleeping on the gravel beach was the power of the keeper, let alone the five of them, even if the whole clan worked together, it would be difficult to activate one third of the power of death, and the power of death would sleep again in a certain time. What's more, Oradi is alone. The more death force you activate. Then the longer the power of death is active, there is a circle formula for this time, if the power of death is fully activated, then the force of death will be endless, will not stop, this is the most worrying. Tomb Forest City was once the palace of Hades in ancient times, and those zombies were originally the army of Hades, but I do not know why Hades disappeared, leaving only his power and his army sleeping together in the gravel beach underground. Will Clan does not know the specific situation, but they will Clan has been the guardian of this force. Legend has it that if anyone can fully activate the power of death. Then that person will be able to inherit the power of the keeper, as well as his army, but no one has ever succeeded, let alone a person, even the whole clan can not do it, but the clan has been using the power of death as a powerful weapon to protect their own clan, the funny thing is that they were originally a race to protect this power, but were guarded by this power. Although they can not inherit the power of death, they have been using the power of death as their own thing for a long time. But no one thought that the power of death would really be activated one day, but contrary to the legend, Oradi, who activated the power of death, exploded before he could control it,ultrasonic spray nozzle, which caught them by surprise. Clan king, now there is no control of Auladi, those zombies controlled by the power of death began to attack the walls of the Tomb Forest City, we came to report this news to you. "Tell me what happened in detail, and don't miss anything." Baioda looked sternly at the three men. But at this time, the red moon in the sky suddenly shot down a red light, red light just in the center of the wooden tripod. The eyes of all the generals were covered with red light. They had never felt such a dazzling red moon that they could not open their eyes. The red moon helped their eyesight at ordinary times, but if it was too strong, it would also make their eyes unable to see things clearly. Red light through heaven and earth, I'm afraid the whole tomb forest city can see this red light, the altar below the clan is kneeling down, muttering in his mouth. Baioda covered his eyes. The red light made him unable to look directly, but he still managed to look at the water in the center of the wooden tripod. In the past, when he wanted to get the answer of induction, the red moon would shoot down a ray of light after the prayer, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, which was fleeting, and then the answer he needed would appear in the wooden tripod between the moments when the red light stayed. That's why Baioda is forced to watch. If the red light disappears, the answer will also disappear. Baioda is so nervous for the first time. He had realized that what the people had sensed in their hearts was related to the full activation of the power of death, and that the people had begun to panic. In the wooden tripod, the sea water of the nether world boiled up, constantly surging towards the outside of the wooden tripod, and in the sea water, a few words were faintly shot out. Bai Oda tried his best to see the words clearly. Death and life! The red light gradually disappeared, and the words gradually disappeared and faded, and the water in the wooden tripod had completely disappeared. In the past revelation, if the word "death" appeared in the pretext, it would not be a good thing, and many people would die because of the emergency, but according to the intensity of this induction, if the word "death" really came true, I'm afraid their whole family would perish, which made Baioda have to fear. But the word'life 'was full of vitality, which made Baioda's flustered heart calm down again. Death, life? Death and life has always been the most difficult thing in the world to understand, although they are a world where death and life coexist, but no one can say clearly the relationship between death and life, but this matter is related to the life and death of the whole family, Baioda has to take it seriously. But before Baioda could understand it, a terrible breath came from the top. Baioda raised his head in panic and saw a figure suspended in the air, holding a man in both hands, but the eyes shot coldly at Baioda. You Who are you? "The king of the clan.." He's one of the two guys we followed today, and by the way.. It was him, the man in his hands, and Oradi was the one who cast the spell on him. The night demon's cheeks twitched, apparently angry to the extreme, his eyes were cold, and Milga's body flew uncontrollably, no matter how hard he struggled. Sniff- See his body suddenly swelled several times, although the body can not withstand this pressure, instant burst, the process of fast people did not react to come over, Milga has inexplicably died in the hands of the night demon. Say! What magic have you used on my master? The cold tone of the night demon made Baioda's hair stand on end, and his heart trembled and he stepped back two steps. Volume 6 The Way to Hell -Chapter 352-The art of calling the soul- The night demon who only knew how to kill people was at a loss at the moment when Li Hengxin fell down. He did not know how to save Li Hengxin, that kind of isolation and helplessness. Night demon has never been moved, at least before Li Hengxin pushed him away, but Li Hengxin as his master, but unexpectedly chose to protect him, with Li Hengxin's reaction speed, he believed that if only his own words, absolutely can escape before the attack came, but Li Hengxin did not do so. Just when he didn't know what to do, the red light suddenly appeared in the sky and guided him to the gathering place of the generals. Although there were tens of thousands of generals gathered here,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, they still couldn't stop the night demon's killing intention, especially after he heard the words of Milga three, he was furious.


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