League of Legends Seven Seconds Prediction

League of Legends Seven Seconds PredictionLeague of Legends Seven Seconds Prediction

It seems that the opposite person seems to be very afraid of Chen Yiqing, even ban two heroes who play well in Chen Yiqing, and ban Yasuo in the official competition, but it is extremely rare, or even not seen at all, the last ban is given to Wang Qun's Rambo. The two sides chose, the blue side chose the single man, the wild wine barrel, the single enchantress, the ADC wheel mother, and the assistant Annie. The line-ups of the red side is the single dragon lady, the wild Nu Nu, the single Zellas, ADC Vern, and the auxiliary hammer stone. After seeing Chen Yiqing choose the enchantress, the commentator said doubtfully: "The college league matches in the past few days are also in Tieba, and there are many discussions in the forum. According to many players' guesses, it seems that the single of the representative team of Qingzhou University of Commerce and Trade can only play the brush type single, and it seems that very little is used for this kind of advance type single. Is it to prove yourself to choose this hand enchantress today?" "Hey, you can't say that. A few days ago, Yasuo, who was in the middle of the list, was also a dashing hero." Another commentator accosted. Another commentator Hei Hei said with a smile: "Yasuo can not count, after all, this hero as long as it is a single will play, in the regular game is also very rare." "Ha ha, that's true." Prove yourself? Chen Yiqing really did not, and those what post bar, forum posts, Chen Yiqing do not know, busy training every day, that free to see those things? Enchantress this single hero,ultrasonic dispersion machine, how can Chen Yiqing not, before taking Liu Monroe to play, Chen Yiqing but all rely on the enchantress this hero, a few days ago the game did not need to take because the line-ups is not allowed, and this time, Chen Yiqing's line-ups is to dash into the line-ups, take out the enchantress is understandable! After the start of the first game, everyone is in the middle of the line, because there is no change of line, both sides of the wild is also their own BUFF opening, early did not choose any routine. In fact,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the main reason is that Chen Yiqing dare not change the line in this respect. First, the ADC of the other side is Vern. This hero is weak on the line. Once it develops, it is known as the first ADC in the later period! What Yunyi has to do is to rely on his personal strength to suppress the opposite side, so as not to let the opposite side Vern develop steadily. Second, the opposite of the wild is Nu Nu, this level three can single out the hero of the dragon, if one does not pay attention, the dragon will be stolen, that is very harmful to morale! After the beginning of the first round, Chen Yiqing's middle road and Wang Qun's road were all very quiet. It could not be said that they were quiet. It could only be said that there was no outbreak of fighting. However, Chen Yiqing must still be on the opposite side. Chen Yiqing liked to play Zelas, a hero whose skills depended entirely on anticipation. He could avoid all of them by predicting in seven seconds. Wang Qun on the road is also good, not dead, but also did not press the knife, after all, the opposite is the Dragon Lady, if there is no wild to catch, the road is the kind of you can not kill me, I can not kill you, repair knife nature is also peace repair knife, 50-50! However, compared to the next road, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the battle is too fierce, the opposite ADC Vern is also just, Vern early line is not good to fight with Yunyi, of course, not brainless, because the other side of the wild frequently help the next road. Chapter 46 cooperation errors. The opposite wild is a nunu, nunu catch Chen Yiqing this kind of single, basically belongs to catch, so, the opposite single is too lazy to catch, as for the people on the road, the opposite nunu also did not want to catch, after all, the biggest advantage of nun wild is that you can take the dragon in the early stage, so in the early stage, Nunu basically will not go on the road to catch. In this case, the next road has become a battlefield, Li Xuan's barrel is also afraid of the opposite Nu Nu secretly stole the dragon, so basically do not go on the road, in their own lower half of the wild area around. If the next road is a battlefield, then it is really time to test teamwork, to test the ability to seize opportunities on the single transmission, and the ability to support speed in the single transmission. Down the road, this road affects the whole body! Compared with the team's ability, Chen Yiqing's team is really much stronger than the opposite team! Chen Yiqing's single enchantress is needless to say, a W flew far away, the other side's Zelas not to mention the ability to support, on the way to support Chen Yiqing's enchantress must die, walk very slowly, and so on this single to the battlefield, the battle is over. Wang Qun on the road is much stronger than the opposite single, Wang Qun and Lao Niu learned not only the strength of the line, but also the timing of transmission, and, most importantly, the opposite Dragon Lady dare not transmit in front of Wang Qun! The opposite dragon lady dares to transmit in front of Wang Qun, Wang Qun's men and horses open E can give each other a kick to interrupt the transmission, and Wang Qun's transmission is unscrupulous, anyway, you can't interrupt my transmission without a big move in the early stage of the dragon lady, at most, when Wang Qun transmits, it consumes some blood, and if the transmission is finished, it can only wait for Wang Qun to finish the transmission. Wait for Wang Qun's people to immediately send to the next road and after a wave of your dragon lady in the transmission, there is no meaning! Hit hit, hit to about ten minutes, the opposite side suddenly found, eh? It seems that you can't beat Chen Yiqing five people? Ten minutes, and the opposite Nu Nu, the wild hero, did not get a dragon. On the contrary, Chen Yiqing five people, after getting a double kill in a battle in Yunyi, took the lead in getting a small dragon, and, because of the frequent outbreak of fighting on the way down, the opposite ADC Vern could not develop well at all, the equipment was too poor, resulting in the team battle behind could not be fought at all. As a result, several small dragons in the back could not fight against Chen Yiqing's five people. After Tai Lung came out in 20 minutes, Chen Yiqing's five people ran directly to Tai Lung to prepare for Tai Lung. It didn't matter if they didn't fight. Once they fought, something would happen! Twenty minutes to take advantage of the other side's retreat at home to quickly knock down Tai Lung and then directly push the other side's highland, this is the routine and tactics of many teams, especially Chen Yiqing five people are now leading the other five people so big economic gap is beyond reproach! However, the first thing to do in 20 minutes to play Tai Lung is not how to quickly beat Tai Lung, but to do a good job of vision, do not let the other side know that 20 minutes to play Tai Lung is very risky, this time even if you are equipped in how to lead,ultrasonic extraction cbd, Tai Lung hit you will still be very painful, this time if the other side came, it will be finished!. fycgsonic.com


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