A poor scholar of the top grade

A poor scholar of the top gradeA poor scholar of the top gradeA poor scholar of the top grade

"It's only seventy Li to Luoyang," said Chen Caozhi. "It won't take me more than two hours. I'm going to Luoyang. If I really can't defend it, I'll advise General Shen to abandon the city. If the envoy Xi is afraid of the strength of the Yan army, he can go to Ruyang by himself. I'll send two soldiers to guide you." "Xianbei White Slave," said Xi Bao with displeasure, "why should I fear him?" Chen Caozhi quickly thanked him and said, "The envoy will go to Luoyang with me. It won't take more than half a day." Xi Bao had no choice but to lead the crowd to follow Chen Caozhi to the east and enter Luoyang before noon that day. Shen Jin and Shen Chiqian came to meet him. Chen Caozhi first asked about the movement of the Yan army. Shen Jin said, "The sentry reported yesterday that the vanguard of the Yan army began to cross the river in Wenxian County on the ninth day of the first lunar month. It is estimated that they can cross the river to Gong County in two days. Gong County is only a hundred miles away from here.". Step pawn rush can also arrive in a day, but the near sentry post in the west of Yanshi county found no trace of the Yan army, the far sentry post has not yet returned, it is expected that the Yan army vanguard is to wait for Murong Ke personally led the army to cross the river and then approach Luoyang together. Chen Caozhi asked the Qin envoy Xi Baoshao to take a rest, and the three hundred Qin troops accompanying him also arranged a good meal and wine, while he himself had a secret talk with Shen Jin in Jinyi City. Jinyi City is the city of Luoyang, in the northwest corner of Luoyang City, which was built by Cao Gui, Emperor Ming of Wei Dynasty. The town is three hundred steps long and two hundred steps wide (one step in ancient times is equivalent to about 1.5 meters now). There is a hundred-foot high platform in the northeast corner, which was originally used by Emperor Ming of Wei Dynasty to ascend and look far away. Later, Wei Chan was located in Jin Dynasty, and the deposed emperor lived in Jinyi City. Most of the royal families who were relegated in the Jin Yong City became a city of relegation, but miraculously avoided the disaster of destroying the city several times. Compared with the dilapidated wall of the outer city of Luoyang, the wall of Jin Yong Town was relatively intact, and in order to imprison the imperial family,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the wall was also built high and strong. Jin Yong city is Shen Jin last rely on, once the Yan army to, huge and broken Luoyang city, of course, can not be divided and guarded, only to concentrate forces to defend Jin Yong city, YingChuan Satrap Gao Rou twenty thousand Dendrobium meters had been sent to last month, all Tun in Jin Yong city,ultrasonic molten metal, to prepare for Gucheng. Chen Caozhi and Shen Jin climbed the tall building in the northeast corner of Jinyi City, which is now a watchtower, with a sergeant on duty, to see Shen Jin. Hurriedly Shi Li, Shen Jin life sergeant first step down, the highest floor is only he and Chen Caozhi two people, look east, the wilderness, perhaps tomorrow, Yan Jun fighters will appear at the gates of Luoyang -- Chen Caozhi to Shen Jin briefly said in Changan, this mission Di Qin is the completion of the mission, as for other prepared to alienate Di Qin Junchen stratagem, Chen Caozhi said to Shen Jin, now the priority is Luoyang. Shen Jin said, "Now that Chen Tuan has fulfilled his mission, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, he will go south and return home tomorrow. My son Chiqian also asks Chen Tuan to take him back with him. I, Shen Jin, want to keep this blood and bone." When Shen Jin said this, it meant that he wanted to live or die with the isolated city of Luoyang. In the official history, Shen Jin was captured by Murong Ke. Shen Jin was calm. Murong Ke felt his loyalty and would forgive him. General Mu Yuqian of Zhongjun said that Shen Jin was a strange man. Looking at his bearing, he could not be used by Yan. If he was forgiven, it would be future trouble. Murong Ke then killed Shen Jin. Chen Caozhi asked, "When I was in Shouzhou, I asked Xifu to join the army and Zhu Yingtai to report to Fu Huan on behalf of him. I asked Fu Huan to reinforce Luoyang. Only by holding Luoyang can we curb the expansion of the power of the Qin Dynasty and have a chance to make progress in the Central Plains. Has Fu Huan not replied to the documents?" Shen Jin said with a wry smile, "Now that Xuchang has been lost, Luoyang has become an isolated city. Yingchuan and Runan are fighting separately. Huan Fu has returned to his hometown. Although he ordered the champion general Chen You to return to Luoyang to defend himself, Chen You is a subordinate of yuan Cishi.". yuan Cishi thought that defending Luoyang was a self-inflicted loss of military forces, and of course he would not come to save Luoyang. As he spoke, Shen Jin took out a letter from his bosom and handed it to Chen Caozhi, saying, "This is a letter from Zhu Jianjun to you. It was sent to Luoyang at the end of last month. I'm afraid there's something urgent, so I've opened it first.". ” During the extraordinary period, Chen Caozhi could not blame Shen Jin for opening his letter. When he read the letter, it was just the tone of the official document. Xie Daoyun also advised Chen Caozhi to judge the hour and size up the situation. Huan Dasima was now unable to manage Luoyang. Jiangdong was weak. The land of Huaibei could be kept by rules, but could not be abandoned by rules. It was not appropriate to fight hard to lose manpower and material resources. Xie Daoyun's analysis is not wrong, and history has developed in this way. Before the Sishui War, the Eastern Jin Dynasty completely abandoned Henan and Huaibei, and Jingxiang and Bashu were also occupied by the strong Qin Dynasty. In Jiuzhou, China, the Qin Dynasty occupied seven of them. Chen Caozhixin said, "I came to the Eastern Jin Dynasty and came to this position step by step. I can't muddle through and drift with the tide. The Qin Dynasty was able to rise rapidly in just a dozen years. It was precisely because I seized the excellent opportunity of Murong Chui's defection and the civil strife in Yan that Wang Meng led his army to success in the First World War. The powerful Yan State, which spanned five thousand miles and had a population of nearly ten million, collapsed in a twinkling of an eye. I already knew that Naturally, we must seize this opportunity before Fu Jian and Wang Meng. This is a huge turning point. Therefore, Luoyang must hold on to it. When Shen Jin saw Chen Caozhi meditating in silence, he did not speak, thinking that the Yan army was coming and the city was besieged in June. How long could he keep it? Wu Xing Shen Xing Yu's family, Shen Jin wants to wash away the shame of the family with a cavity of blood. The sky is extremely blue. Pure as crystal gems, white clouds like catkins, shape changes, slowly fluttering from west to east. Chen Caozhi gazed at the blue sky and white clouds and said leisurely, "Brother Shen, tomorrow I will go to see Murong Ke and Murong Chui." Shen Jin was taken aback. "What does Chen Xiandi mean by that?" He asked. Chen Caozhi said with a smile, "Thirty years ago, the Duke of Anshi owed Murong Chui a favor. Knowing that I was on a diplomatic mission to the north, he specially ordered me to bring a pair of Jinweiluo wine vessels to Murong Chui." When Shen Jin asked what was going on, he said with a smile, "Dongshan Hsieh An-shih is really the most elegant man in the world. He still remembers his old love thirty years ago."! However, there is no need for Chen Xiandi to go to this matter. Shen sent two soldiers to send this pair of Jin Weiluo to Gong County. Chen Caozhi said, "An Shigong has entrusted me with great trust. Of course, I will personally hand over this gold to Murong Chui." Shen Jin is deeply convinced by Chen Caozhi's talent and knowledge. If Chen Caozhi is not a muddle-headed person, how can he throw himself into the trap and go to his own death! Ask: "What does Chen Xiandi want to do? Can you let Brother Yu know?" "If I'm right," said Chen Caozhi, "the ruler of Yan,ultrasonic metal welding, Murong Kui, will summon him back to Yecheng if he doesn't wait for Murong Ke to capture Luoyang." Shen Jin hesitated and asked, "Why do you think so?" 。 fycgsonic.com


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