The Queen of Heaven has a red envelope group.

The Queen of Heaven has a red envelope group.The Queen of Heaven has a red envelope group.The Queen of Heaven has a red envelope group.

Hei Dashuai: "Ji!" Fuck off! The chestnut-haired beauty, who had been arrogant, sat aside, but her eyes were also glancing at Jin Xiaoming. This cat doesn't look like a precious breed, but why does it look so smart and cute! I want to raise one! "Angus, what are you doing here?" The chestnut-haired beauty Esther had a smile on her face. Come and see my cat! Esther, long time no see. Angus heartily smiled and secretly glanced at Jin Xiaoming, who was held in his arms by Lin Yuliang. Envy! I want to hug too! Want to be hugged too! "Go and change your clothes." The shape had already been determined, and the photographer took a look at Lin Yuliang and waved his hand. Although Lin Yuliang is not short among southerners, he is used to seeing all kinds of big breasts. Leg length A super model who is 1.8 meters tall. Lin Yuliang is still Jiaojiao in the eyes of photographers. A little girl 。 Speaking of this kind of thing, such a little girl was not scared to cry. It's really not easy. Cautious examination of the little girl in front, I hope not to waste too much time! Costume design is this year's popular leather armor. With the addition of boots, there is a sense of cold abstinence. The accessory is a very cool black motorcycle. Photographer communicated with the stylist, after all, the little girl is too small, but also suspected that she can not hold up this dress, in fact, is ready, if Lin Yuliang really can not hold up, this suit will be replaced by Esther. After all, I always feel that the little girl is a little delicate and delicate. If it were not for Clay's recommendation, it would not be in line with the overall planning of this semimonthly. This kind of thing.. "I always feel that something is missing." The stylist looked at the girl in front of him and suddenly understood why the stylist who loved Lancaster was full of praise for the little girl. Oriental facial features always look too weak for them, not three-dimensional enough. Lin Yuliang has a small face and delicate facial features, but when his eyes are flowing, he has a feeling of affection. When I look at people, I always feel very gentle and serious. It seems that there is only one person in my heart and eyes. These eyes.. It's beautiful to the extreme. It's intoxicating to watch. It is like a deep pool that can drown people. Black eyes, just like the black night. He made up for Lin Yuliang. "All right." Looking at Lin Yuliang in the mirror like a mechanical doll, White Marble Mosaic ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, the makeup artist's face showed an infatuated expression: "My mechanical doll." The face is lightly painted with black lines, which adds a sense of machinery. Looks like. The delicate and mechanical doll has a strange and cold aesthetic feeling. When they went out, Angus and Esther were sitting together and whispering something, watching Lin Yuliang come out. Esther's eyes lit up. She had come to watch the fun, but she didn't expect to see such a little beauty. Ah, Lin really doesn't give anyone a chance. Esther glanced at Angus with a smile. "Is there a girl that Angus can't do anything about?" "Too small, perhaps?" "Although it looks very small, it is also an adult in their country." Esther mercilessly broke Angus's self-consolation. "Maybe she doesn't like men, but women?" Angus: "No way!" "Be quiet!" The photographer's voice rang out. In addition to the face, there are data lines on the exposed hands and arms. The skin is more and more white, the lines are black, and there is an indescribable sense of beauty. Cold. And beautiful.. Yan ……” Esther licked her tongue. "No wonder that old goblin Anna took a fancy to her." The photographer's eyes lit up. He did not expect that the expressive force of the machine makeup was even better than he had imagined. All right, get ready to go up and start shooting. With a wave of his hand, he felt a sudden burst of inspiration. Nerves became excited, and he stared at the mechanical doll with a fanatical expression in his eyes. If he could, he would like to take the mechanical doll home and hide it. How can there be such a cute and delicate mechanical doll. That kind of empty and indifferent expression is really too much for people's appetite. He can't control his hands. Jin Xiaoming lies on the position, curiously looking at Lin Yuliang who is shooting. Although he has made many films, this kind of magazine photo is the first time. Although there was a little problem in the middle, on the whole, it was very pleasant to shoot. Angus looked at Lin Yuliang beside the motorcycle, if not everyone said that Lin Yuliang was very gentle and kind, this cold look was full of magic. He could see how many people would fall on her empty and cold eyes after the photo was sent out. Black eyes, although unknown, but really suitable for this kind of mechanical settings! “OK!good!” The photographer's mouth kept making noises and gesturing. Originally, he had prepared a little more time to prevent many times, but now he felt that the increase in time was too worthwhile. He frantically photographed the mechanical doll in front of him. At last, the photographer's face showed a satisfied smile. Lin Yuliang exhaled slowly. Jumped lightly from the locomotive. Is it done? She looked at the photographer in front of her. The photographer laughed and hugged the little girl in front of him. "Lin, you are really great!" " It was a little stiff at the beginning, but the eyes were really beautiful to the extreme. If it weren't for the fact that it was so bright on her face, he would even want to gouge out the eyes and hide them. "Thank you,Porcelain Marble Slabs, but let me change first." Lin Yuliang showed a helpless smile. This issue of the magazine has a special feature on locomotives. She took a glance at the cool and aggressive motorcycle. Although I have taken so many pictures, I may only use one in the end. Sure enough, it's not easy to do anything.


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