Marry a dandy

Marry a dandyMarry a dandyMarry a dandyMarry a dandy

"I.." Liu Yuru reacted, she hurriedly raised her hand to wipe, subconsciously, "I'm all right." "Liu Yuru," Gu Jiusi some helpless, "just said to you, how can you not remember it?" As he spoke, he straightened up and grabbed her hand across the table to wipe her tears. He looked at her quietly and said earnestly, "Tell me, you are wronged." Liu Yuru gawked at him, and Gu Jiusi said clearly and positively: "You are wronged, you are sad, and you want to cry." "You're just sad. What's wrong with that?" Liu Yuru listened to Gu Jiusi's words, she trembled her eyelashes and lowered her eyes. Tears ran down her face. After a long time, she sniffed and said, "No one has ever said such a thing to me. It makes you laugh." As she spoke, she raised her head and looked at Gu Jiusi. "It's just that I'm used to it. I really can't say these words.". But you know, "said Liu Yuru, laughing and gently saying," I am already very happy. " Gu Jiusi was stupefied. For a moment, he felt a slight throbbing pain in his heart. He might have felt better if the girl had been crying so loudly at the moment. But she so smiled, gentle and restrained tears, he felt that this person is too painful. He sighed lightly and walked up to her. He did not say anything, but reached out his hand and took her in his arms. He no longer made a sound,digital signage kiosk, but felt the girl's tears, quietly wet his clothes. Only then did he realize that silence might carry more weight than chatter. Liu Yuru leaned on the young man's arms, she listened to his heartbeat, relying on him, she felt for the first time in her life, the original sad and sad, can be resolved. She felt a kind of unspeakable tenderness and stability, which expelled the long-squeezed gloom in her heart. When I was young, Mammy beside my mother told me that when people were young,interactive kiosk price, many things would affect their growth for a lifetime. "She's talking nonsense. Where is the thing that can't be changed by the influence of a lifetime?" "Yes," Liu Yuru said slowly, "Gu Jiusi, I think, if you have been so good to me for a long time, I may not always worry about gains and losses, always worry about here and there." Gu Jiusi hugged Liu Yuru, and he listened to her and raised the corners of his mouth. At that moment, he actually did not think of their so-called agreement, nor did he think of the future, he just felt that if Liu Yuru could be happy, could not so put tears under the smile, could cry and make trouble, then he would always be good to her, and there would be no hindrance. So he hooked the corners of his mouth and said, "OK, it's all on me." Liu Yuru laughed out loud. Gu Jiusi sighed. He touched Liu Yuru's hair and said helplessly, temperature scanning kiosks ,smart whiteboard price, "Tell me, how much grievance have you suffered to develop such a temper?" "There's not much grievance." "Then tell me how Zhang Yueer got into your house?" Gu Jiusi asked, Liu Yuru did not hide, she told him about her home in detail. Her past, when she was a child, one by one. She did not half shelter, she calculated into the Ye family, she calculated the dowry, these things, she did not cover up, because she knew that Gu Jiusi would not care about these. Gu Jiusi listens to her to say, listen to laugh at the same time, praise from time to time: "You are fierce." The two of them talked until late at night before they went to sleep. She said she missed her mother, so many years, she was afraid that Zhang Yueer was not happy, and her mother's time was too short. He advised her that it was all right and that he would see her later. She muttered, her voice trailed off, and fell asleep. By this time her face was full of tears, and when she fell asleep, she was still holding his sleeve and leaning against him like a cat. Gu Jiusi looked at him quietly, and he looked at her face in the moonlight in the dark. He suddenly thought she was a little good-looking. She seemed to be a little thinner, her facial features were standing up, and her skin was much better in taking care of her family, with a shallow light flowing in the moonlight. Gu Jiusi did not know how, he suddenly had an impulse to kiss her. This idea emerges, Gu Jiusi immediately secretly scolds oneself shameless, unexpectedly to own brother all had this kind of idea! He and Liu Yuru, that is the purest friendship in the world, he must not tarnish this pure friendship with these dirty thoughts. So he quickly shrank to the bedside and hugged his little quilt. After Liu Yuru cried, she got up the next day and felt that she had an indescribable pleasure in her heart. Her spirits were much better. Seeing that she was still weak, Jiang Rou and Gu Langhua said, "Let's rest for a few more days. It's difficult to travel by water. We can't go until we have recovered. Otherwise, there will be trouble on the way." After two days of recuperation, Liu Yuru was almost the same, and Gu's family settled down and set off day and night. On the day he settled down, Gu Jiusi returned to his room and suddenly said to her, "Come back early tomorrow." "Hm?" Liu Yuru was a little surprised, but she still said, "Good." The next morning, Liu Yuru got up. Gu Jiusi got up surprisingly early. He sat by the door and watched her choose a plain dress. He hurriedly said, "This is not good-looking. Choose a good-looking one." He picked out a light pink gauze dress for her, and then consulted with her about the makeup. He even took the brush himself and carefully painted her eyebrows. Liu Yuru wondered what he was doing, but she thought he was going to tell her, so she would tell her. So she never asked, went to the shop early, checked a circle, and then returned to Gu Fu for lunch in advance. She wondered what Gu Jiu was going to do and thought about it. It was just that this man was going to take him to do something. She couldn't figure out what he was going to do. When she got to Gu Fu, she got out of the carriage and said to Yin Hong, "Did you listen carefully today?" Yin Hong listened to the words, pursed her lips, smiled and did not speak: "I heard the heart." Liu Yuru nodded, she walked to the lobby, just stepped into the gate, heard the sound of firecrackers all around. She was startled,interactive whiteboard prices, and then saw Gu Jiusi jump out. He was followed by Yang Wenchang and Chen Xun. Yang Wenchang raised his hand and threw out a first couplet, which read: Blessing is like peace in the East China Sea. Then Chen Xun threw away the second couplet, which read: Longevity is better than Nanshan.


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