Heartbroken Dart-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

Heartbroken Dart-Sima Ling _ txt Novel ParadiseHeartbroken Dart-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

The leopard suddenly sprang up without a sound, stretched out its front paws and grabbed the man's back. The two men outside the iron pole had no time to scream, but the man had lifted his foot and kicked back, moving very leisurely, and did not look back, but the time was just right. With a sudden roar, the leopard flew upside down and crashed into the bars with a loud bang. "I'll heal your wounds," said the man. "Don't worry." As he spoke, the man suddenly floated up from the ground, flew straight over the twenty-foot high iron poplar, and landed on the ground outside. Shen Yanfei even nodded his head too late to see that people had already flown away, and the feeling of envy in his heart could not help surging again. I heard the man's simple and powerful voice saying, "Move him to Xiaoqixuan and bring Jane Er to see me." The two men repeatedly bowed and bowed. The man floated back into the house. Shen Yanfei thought to himself, "Who is this man?"? The style is so great. Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly heard the iron gate slam open and someone came in. After that, his body was lifted. He could not help closing his eyes, and now that the danger of death had left him, he seemed to be weakened by the relaxation of his spirit. The pain all over his body, the stuffiness in his chest, and the tiredness after nervous tension attacked him together. He could no longer open his eyes or think about anything. But he could still hear the violent voice of the Second Master. At some point, he felt that the pain and boredom of his body had all disappeared,face recognition identification, and he fell asleep in a daze. At this moment, Shen Yanfei dared to be in a beautifully decorated room. All the furniture is made of fine rosewood. As for the curtains and quilts, all of them are made of the best materials, and the colors are very suitable. There were four people standing beside his bed, a girl who looked like a little maidservant, holding a lacquer plate with bottles, water cups and other things on it. Next to her was a girl,outdoor digital signage displays, about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, with a decent appearance, but her cheekbones were too high, with the appearance of a husband, and her eyes were shining, which seemed not to be the power of a daughter's family. It was the man in the white silk gown who came over. At this time, he gently knocked on Shen Yanfei with a folding fan in his hand. The technique was quick and quick. In the twinkling of an eye, Shen Yanfei had knocked all over his body in 108 acupoints, big and small. Behind the three of them stood the surly Second Master, whom the dignified man called Chien Er, who had come into the room. This Second Master Chien was so sad yesterday, but now he should not say a word. He stood there as a regular man, with his hands folded behind him. "Now," said the man, "give him Jiuzhuan Fuyuansan." The servant answered, temperature screening kiosk ,smart interactive whiteboard, and the other girl reached out and picked up a small green and delicate jade bottle on the plate, pulled out the plug and poured some powder into the cup. Immediately, the room is full of fragrance floating, which makes people feel refreshed. The man, in spite of all they had done for him to take the medicine, turned and sat down in a chair by the window. Master Chien came over and bowed, saying, "The younger one would like to pay his respects to the Villa Leader." He sat motionless in his chair, but with a hum, he suddenly looked out of the window. Dare to ask the Villa Leader what he wants. He turned around and said, "No.". I saw what happened yesterday and this morning. Don't kill people in this way again. It's very noisy. Master Chien answered again and again. Find another way to get a tiger or a leopard. "Yes." Master Chien answered and saluted out of the room. He opened the folding fan in his hand and painted a big crane on the white silk painting, with golden eyes and vermilion crowns. The upper paragraph is written with "Brother Xuanzhen Yazheng", and the lower paragraph is signed with the interesting nickname "Zhongnan Mountain People". But he did not seem to appreciate the painting and the magnificent inscription very much, but he frowned slightly and gazed at it in silence. "Father, must untie his sleeping hole," that girl turns round to say, the voice is firm and bright, make a person suffused with rigid feeling. He gave a brief hello and hastily gathered the folding fan in his hand. Now his eyes drifted to the girl's back. The brows that had just opened were slightly locked again. You can imagine how serious it is to find an expression on the face of a middle-aged man like him. His daughter's bright voice rang again. "Father," she said, "he's awake!" Shen Yanfei opened his eyes, but when he saw two female faces shaking in front of him, he was greatly surprised. At the same time, he found that there was no pain in his body. He could not help murmuring, "Where am I?" The girl smiled, and the low light in her eyes was much more restrained, which made her look much more attractive. "How do you feel now?" She asked? See if you can sit up? She did not answer his question. Shen Yanfei sat up decisively and almost touched the girl face to face. Although I didn't touch it after all, I smelled a strange fragrance. The Villa Leader got up and came over, saying, "Shura Fan knocks on the disaster to heal the wound. It's a wonder in Wulin. Xiaojiao, aren't you a little confused?"? Jiuzhuan Fuyuansan is also a treasure of Wulin. This child only feels stronger than when he is not injured. As soon as Shen Yanfei saw the Villa Leader, he recognized that he was the man who had saved himself from the claws of the leopard. As soon as he cried, he immediately got up and kowtowed on the bed. "Wait a minute," said the girl. "Get out of bed and kowtow again." Shen Yanfei hurriedly said yes, jumped out of bed, then knelt down and kowtowed. The Villa Leader received three sounds from him. "Get up, child," he said. The voice is extremely dignified, there is a kind of deterrent force, Shen Yanfei obediently up. When he stood up, he raised his hand to touch his chest, only to find that under his rags, his chest muscles were smooth, and not only had the wound of the leopard claw healed, but there was not even a scar left. In my heart, I was greatly surprised and felt that the Villa Leader, who looked very strict,digital whiteboard price, seemed to have extraordinary power. You should know that this Villa Leader is Xiuluo Qiqin Xuanzhen, who was once the only one in Wulin. He has been living here since he quit Jianghu ten years ago. "What's your name?" Asked Xiuluo Fan Qin Xuanzhen? Why did you come here? "My surname is Shen," said Shen Yanfei. "My given name is Yanfei. I'm from Jiangling. Just because.. 。 hsdtouch.com


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