I adopted my grandfather, the murmur of water.

I adopted my grandfather, the murmur of water.I adopted my grandfather, the murmur of water.I adopted my grandfather, the murmur of water.

Yin Xi raised his head, his eyes were calm and resolute: "I did a lot of things against my will when I was under Demon Zun. Later, when I think of it, I feel very uneasy. I think about it. This may be an opportunity for compensation." Yujing stood up and said, "Without further ado, let's begin. We will protect the Dharma for you." Yujing and Mo Xiaofeng followed Yin Xi and his wife to their rented apartment. All the curtains in the room were drawn. The sunlight was not strong, and now the room was even darker. There were three braziers side by side in the middle of the living room, which were black like charcoal. When Mo Xiaofeng saw Yin Xi lighting the three braziers, he murmured, "I hope the neighbors don't call the police." Yujing looked at the three pots of charcoal fire thoughtfully and asked, "Are you ready to start?" Yin Xi nodded and was about to go to the brazier, but was pulled by Sheng Rulan. So he turned around and looked at his wife, and in the faint light he could see something twinkling in Sheng Rulan's eyes. Yin Xi suddenly stretched out his arms, held his wife in his arms, tightened them, then let them go, and strode in front of the brazier. Sheng Rulan turned her head, as if she could not bear to look again. See Mo Xiaofeng secretly wonder: "Even if it is very dangerous, also need not now a pair of life and death look ah!"! Yin Xi began to recite the incantation. This is the language inherited from ancient times, Mo Xiaofeng can not understand a word, only feel that the voice is blunt and calm, but also with some mysterious power. Yin Xi recited the incantation and walked around the brazier. He walked faster and faster,smart board touch screen, and his voice became more and more urgent. Mo Xiaofeng could not count how many laps he had walked, but felt dizzy. When he was about to close his eyes and rest, he saw Yin Xi take a step and stand in front of the brazier in the middle, raising his arms high and shouting loudly. Accompanied by this loud drink, the fire in the brazier suddenly jumped more than one person high and formed a curtain of fire in the air. Before Mo Xiaofeng could express his surprise, colorful colors began to appear in the fire curtain. These colors were dizzy and merged with each other, and finally turned into a picture! In the picture, there are several trees with withered branches and leaves,classroom interactive whiteboard, and in the distance, there are bare mountains after the vegetation has been shaken. Where is this place? This perspective looks like standing on the top of a mountain and looking at a distant peak. Mo Xiaofeng thought no matter where it was, he took a picture first, pressed his cell phone, and took several pictures in a row. The picture in the flames moved, swept over the peaks, and suddenly opened up, without any shelter, only to see the overcast sky. Then, the picture began to adjust the angle, from the level view to the top-down view, so a city appeared in the distance. Mo Xiaofeng even took a few pictures, the heart suddenly flashed an idea: this picture is actually a person's eyes to see the scene! Demon! Mo Xiaofeng faintly felt wrong, Yin Xi in the end what sorcery, unexpectedly can capture the perspective of the demon? Just thinking about it, smartboards for business ,interactive whiteboard for schools, the flame became bright and almost burned to the roof, but it went out again in an instant, leaving only inexhaustible sparks in the brazier. He looked at Yin Xi, but found that the latter did not know when he had sat cross-legged on the ground, his eyes closed, the whole person as motionless as clay and wood. A Rin in his heart, how can this look so much like the primordial spirit out of body? Apparently Yujing also thought of this, stepped forward and was about to check the situation, but was stopped by Sheng Rulan loudly: "Don't touch him!" Mo Xiaofeng looked at her: "What's going on?"? Are you going to hide it from us now? Sheng Rulan bit her lip, grinded it twice, and then said, "When the Demon Zun attacked that day, he used the'bone-attaching technique 'of the Flying Head Clan to attach a piece of his primordial spirit to the Demon Zun.". As long as he starts to do it, the primordial spirit will be awakened and invade the primordial spirit of Demon Zun. What they saw just now was what Yin Xi saw through the eyes of the demon. It's just that as soon as his primordial spirit invades, Demon Zun will immediately discover his existence. I don't know how many times more powerful the primordial spirit of Demon Zun is than that of Yin Xi, and it's easy to destroy him. Mo Xiaofeng hurriedly said, "I've already taken a picture and sent it to Lu Xingting. I'll soon find out the location of Demon Zun. You ask him to come back quickly!" Sheng Rulan smiled sadly: "It's not easy to escape from the hands of Demon Zun!"! So we've talked about it before. She turned to Yujing and said, "Zhenren, although your magic power is very high, you are no match for Demon Zun now.". So we discussed for a long time and decided to help you, Yin Xi. At this point, her voice choked for a moment, but she quickly adjusted her mood and quickly went on, "Once he falls behind, he will immediately expose himself to the primordial God. No matter how strong the demon is, he will inevitably get hurt. When the time comes, the real person will be able to solve him!" There are some causes and effects she did not say. For example, the last time Demon Zun found them, Yin Xi thought to himself that he would die, fearing that Demon Zun would vent his anger on his wife, so he secretly divided a piece of yuan Shen and attached himself to him. If after his death, Demon Zun still wants to be disadvantageous to Sheng Rulan, he immediately detonates yuan Shen, perhaps can help Sheng Rulan escape a life, but did not think that the imperial scene unexpectedly can suddenly appear, saves them. For another example, they made this decision early in the morning, but they couldn't bear to part with each other. It dragged on day after day. Today, even the fourth Yin vein was cut off, and Yin Xi made up his mind. Mo Xiaofeng heard a gasp, unexpectedly their husband and wife actually so open to go out! Just then, his mobile phone prompted the sound, which was the message from Lu Xingting: "Demon Zun is in Yundang Mountain!" As soon as the white shadow flashed, Yujing's figure disappeared, only his voice still echoed in the room: "I'll bring him back!" Chapter 122 118 On Mo Xiaofeng's way to Yundang Mountain on the guide stick, the prompt tone of his mobile phone in his pocket was still ringing. Lu Xingting's message was sent in the WeChat group temporarily set up by Xuanmen. At this time, everyone should have received the message and rushed to Yundang Mountain. His guess is right, indeed, Xuanmen people received the news,electronic board for classroom, immediately set off for Yundang Mountain. Everyone knows very well that although the chances of defeating Demon Zun are very low, it may be their only chance. One more person is one more strength, so no one hesitates at all. hsdsmartboard.com


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