Deceased System _ 20200215155726.

Deceased System _ 20200215155726.Deceased System _ 20200215155726.Deceased System _ 20200215155726.

This month's time, Chu Tianming they once again experienced three battles, the three star pirates each very easy, that Lin supervisor every time want to turn a big thing into a small thing, but people do not agree, the result is that every time they have to fight. Three battles, Chu Tianming has harvested tens of thousands of cosmic coins, which makes Xu Fatty a burst of envy, vowed that the next battle must desperately pick up the space ring, for its willing, Xu Fatty smiled and said, is to go to the Precious Pavilion as soon as possible to eat a meal, Chu Tianming absolutely! Whew! In the universe, a blood-red spaceship, as if there was blood flowing on the surface, was flying at a very fast speed. Inside the spaceship, Lin Junyi, who had left the stone room a month ago, was sitting cross-legged in the room with a pale face to heal his wounds. After half a ring.. "Whew!" With a long breath, Lin Junyi's face flashed a trace of ruddy, and then he opened his eyes. I can't believe it! Lin Junyi's face flashed a trace of fear after the color, touched his back,Faux cherry blossom tree, to now, he can still feel that burst of pain. A month ago, he left the stone room and went directly to the star field where the Mingyang Empire was recorded in the information. As a result, he did come to the star field smoothly at first, and found the location of the solar system at the same time. But just as he was about to capture some of Chu Tianming's family members and use them to coerce Chu Tianming, he suddenly felt a terrible momentum lock on himself, and before he could escape, his back was hit by a slender palm. A palm,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, a simple palm. Directly shattering his mighty flesh. Body Even if the mysterious energy in the body reappeared at the last moment, it could only block an attack from the other side. Then he rolled up his true spirit and escaped from the solar system. For the next half month, he was on his way. Is to repair your own body. Now, the body is repaired, but the strength of the whole body, but it is a lot of decline, want to recover, I am afraid there is no time to do it. At the thought of this, Lin Junyi's eyes flashed through the color of resentment. God damn it! Why did such a strong man appear in the Mingyang Empire? And I just want to make a move, the other side appeared, is it Chu Tianming's bodyguard? The more Lin Junyi thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case, although he did not want to admit it. But it has to be said that he lost to Chu Tianming again. If he had dealt directly with Chu Tianming at the beginning, he would not have had to face such a terrible existence at all, but he was afraid, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,outdoor ficus tree, he was afraid that he would fail again. So he planned to catch some people that Chu Tianming cared about first, so that he could use them to blackmail Chu Tianming. He was afraid before he fought, and this alone, he had lost, and now his plan was not successful. And hurt his own flesh. The body was destroyed Now there is no ten thousand years, simply can not recover to their prime. And he felt that the mysterious energy in his body, this time in order to save himself, seemed to be much weaker, and did not know whether it would appear the next time he was in trouble! Thinking of these, Lin Junyi's face became worse and worse. 'Peng! ' "Damn Chu Tianming, why do you win every time, I am not reconciled, I am not reconciled!" Lin Junyi roared, his pale face matched with his ferocious expression, which made him look very strange and horrible. Since your family has such a strong protection, then I will deal with you directly, I do not believe that I am an immortal can not kill you this little domain Lord! Lin Junyi at this time in the heart that regret ah! He regretted that he didn't think so at the beginning. If he had thought so at the beginning, he wouldn't have gone to the solar system at all, and he wouldn't have been so badly injured. Now that he thinks about it, he only regrets it to death. This time, I must cut you into pieces! With his hands in front of him, Lin Junyi suddenly clenched his fists and laughed sullenly. The laughter grew louder and louder, until it resounded through the interior of the spaceship. In a twinkling of an eye, seven days passed. In the spaceship dining room. Chu Tianming four people sit together, at the foot of Chu Tianming is the gluttonous sleep. "Tomorrow, after a while, we will be able to reach the second space jump point. This time, the distance we jump is much farther than the previous one. This space jump point is directly connected to another star field, but it spans more than a dozen star fields in the middle!" Fatty Xu stretched out his hand and gestured with difficulty, as if to prove how far the distance in his mouth was. Chu Tianming smiled at his funny appearance, then waved his hand and said with a smile, "Of course I know how far the distance is in the middle, but don't be happy too early, we still have half a way to go from our destination!" "Uh.." Xu Fatty's movements stiffened and he put down his hands with a wry smile. Tianming, you have no sense of humor! "Ha ha ha." Seeing Xu Fatty's depressed appearance, Chu Tianming could not help laughing, even if it was a sleeping glutton, he opened his eyes and looked at him, his eyes full of contempt. Xu Fatty looked at the three of them and smiled bitterly. Look! Here we are! Several mercenary soldiers at the front table suddenly looked outside and shouted. Chu Tianming four people a Leng, then also turned to look outside. Sure enough, from here, we can already see a large number of buildings in the distant starry sky and the familiar huge silver-white circular space jumping point. It seems that we have arrived. Chu Tianming said with a smile. Although the battle can not only bring him some money, but also let him increase some experience points and test various moves, but if the battle is too frequent, it is also always annoying, so to see the spacecraft finally arrived at the second space jump point, Chu Tianming is very happy. Here, we only need to go through three more space jump points to reach our destination! Fatty Xu rarely has a serious look on his face. Chu Tianming nodded, "yes!"! I thought I could finish this mission in eight months,artificial coconut palm trees, but I forgot to calculate the time spent in the battle. Now five months have passed, and it will take at least five months or so to reach the destination, but the next area seems to be a relatively calm place. 。


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