I am the only immortal

I am the only immortalI am the only immortalI am the only immortalI am the only immortal

That small room is still so quiet, two people snuggle to sit on the bed, ethereal some intoxicated way: "Dragon, do you know?"? Watching you break Dan that day, my heart was broken. At that time, I decided that if you died, I would take you back here and cut myself off. Even if I followed you underground, I would never be separated from you. The sea dragon did not utter a word. He hugged the lovely man in his arms and said softly, "Let's not practice today. Let's sleep for a while.". I like the feeling of sleeping with you. With you around, I will feel very satisfied and full. At this time, his heart is full of tenderness, after several twists and turns, several life and death, he clearly knows that he is more and more inseparable from this moving wife. Piaomiao struggled to sit up straight from the arms of the sea dragon and said with a straight face, "Not today. You must practice immediately and adjust yourself to the best state of cultivation as soon as possible.". Because you have to go to the Heavenly Palace tomorrow. The sea dragon was stunned and said, "What's wrong with the Heavenly Palace?"? Honey, don't you want me to hold you to sleep? You can rest assured that I will never violate you, and I can control myself. I found that the extremely cold ice cover given by sister Xuantianbing was a good thing that could frighten my mind. As long as I used a little magic power,fake blossom tree, I would not have any evil thoughts in my heart. www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter seventy-four Lianyun Sanzu "I'm your wife," she said softly. "How could I be afraid of your invasion? It is not a simple thing to pick up the Heavenly Palace tomorrow. You are different from us at the beginning. We just went to the real heaven to get a treasure according to our own chance. However, if you go tomorrow, you will have to pass the test, which is the test of the suzerain. With your present cultivation, I can't say whether you can pass it. The sea dragon frowned and said, "Is it still a test to be a suzerain?"? Could it be presided over by the Lord of Heaven? He's going to be robbed now,silk olive tree, but he can't use his magic power easily! Piaomiao shook his head and said, "If he were the host, I wouldn't have to worry.". With the extremely cold ice shield you just got, you can at least withstand his attack for a while. However, things are far from simple. Tomorrow you will be tested by our three predecessors of Lianyun Sect. We all call them patriarchs. Only the second generation of disciples know their existence. We also call them Lianyun Sanzu. They are the most powerful force of Lianyunzong. Speaking of it, these three predecessors are all teachers of our generation. One of them is the master of the previous generation, the master of brother Jietian. "Third Patriarch Lianyun?" Said the sea dragon? "Since they are my ancestors, why didn't they survive?" Piaomiao sighed lightly and said, "How could there be no robbery?". They are already the people after the disaster, but at the beginning, in order to get through the last disaster, they had no choice but to abandon their physical bodies and exist in the world in the form of energy. After thousands of years of cultivation, they became scattered immortals. It is said that they have entered the realm of heaven as the highest one. "Sanxian?" Surprised, silk ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, the sea dragon said, "It turns out that there are scattered immortals in Lianyunzong.". Wife, you tell me carefully, what is going on with this Sanxian? What's the difference between them and real immortals? Although Hailong is now a master in the realm of cultivation, his understanding of the realm of cultivation is far worse than that of Piaomiao. Even an ordinary disciple of three generations is much better than him in this respect. Piaomiao said, "Sanxian is a kind of powerful existence similar to immortals. Like immortals, they all have the powerful spirit of immortals. Their strength is far above that of our practitioners.". Practicing Sanxian is actually an act of necessity. In the time of plunder, if the last plunder cannot be passed, the cultivator can resist the last plunder at his own cost. Although you can keep your divinity in this way, it is almost impossible for you to enter the fairy world forever. Generally speaking, only those who are not willing to give up their own cultivation will make such a choice. Sanxian can be said to be the most powerful existence in our world. With their immortal power, unless the opponent is also scattered immortals or scattered evil, scattered demons, otherwise it is impossible to fail. Moreover, because they are spirits, they are immortal unless their divine consciousness is destroyed. The scattered immortals cultivated by the evil way are scattered evil, scattered demons, or scattered demons. The celestial plunder of the evil way is much more difficult than our right path. There are six levels, but they also have an advantage, that is, they can choose to give up the physical body in any celestial plunder. As long as the physical body disappears, the celestial plunder will also disperse. Therefore, there are more Sanxian masters of the evil way than we are of the right way. The scattered immortals are too powerful to let them exist in this world forever. The 49 days of plunder once every thousand years is the greatest disaster they have to face. There are many masters of scattered immortals and evil ways, who will die in the disaster. However, every time they have experienced a forty-nine days of plunder, their cultivation will increase greatly. According to legend, if a scattered immortal has survived nine times in succession, he will not only be able to enter the immortal world, but also become a powerful Jinxian. However, it is almost impossible to pass the plunder of 49 days for nine times, because the power of the plunder of 49 days is cumulative, stronger than one time, which is more terrible than the plunder at the time of plunder. When a scattered immortal experiences the ninth plunder, the power of the plough of 49 days has exceeded the ninth level of ordinary plunder. In the history of Lianyunzong, there were eleven scattered immortals, and the strongest one died in the fourth 49 days. Of the three remaining patriarchs, the most powerful Tianling Patriarch has already survived three forty-nine days, and the other two patriarchs have also survived two times. In another five hundred years, it will be their next forty-nine days. Whether they can survive is still unknown. However, in the mortal world, with the exception of your new sister,fake ficus tree, I'm afraid no one can compete with Tianling Patriarch. Otherwise, they would have come to attack our Lianyun Mountains long ago, with the advantage of the evil way now. 。 hacartificialtree.com


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