Biao rides

Biao ridesBiao ridesBiao ridesBiao ridesBiao ridesBiao rides

The beautiful Miss Yan was accompanied by her partner, and her long skirt was flying high like a Lily in full bloom. As she whirled around the corner where I was hiding, I saw her take a deep look in my direction. I'm trying to hide a little better. The mission of "Owl Wing" is not only to protect the people of the Yan family, but also not to appear in public. However, the young lady's eyes have been winking at everyone since they entered the field, and many people have been electrocuted. I can see this as a stray bullet deflected by the angle of the machine gun. I pulled my mask together. It was my first frontal appearance. I hope I look decent. Miss Yan may really be able to see me. She is a yin-yang eye that appears once in three hundred years in her family. It is said that she has extraordinary vision during the day and can see ghosts at night. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was a rumor. If there were ghosts dangling in front of my eyes at night, I would rather be a hanging ghost to frighten others as soon as possible, so as not to end up as a frightened ghost. Today's birthday party was a great success. The guests came and returned with satisfaction. There is no need to worry about the safety of young ladies. I have a very peaceful life. As the secret killer of the Yan family, I have been living a very peaceful life. I went through the baby selection very peacefully, through the screening of childhood very peacefully, and completed every task of my youth very peacefully. Only last week, Qi let me a little bit out of peace for a few days. Qi is the "fierce wing" of the Yan family who trained and grew up with me,large palm trees for sale, and his aptitude is very excellent. Good qualifications sometimes don't do any good. I was busy practicing Kung Fu every day to avoid the fate of being eliminated. And Qi finished practicing kungfu, defeated the crowd, and still had extra time to mourn spring and autumn. This little hobby determined that his fate was not as peaceful as mine. Seven days ago, Qi defected. The steward gave me three days to go after him, because I was barely on a par with him. I had a rough time these three days, and finally I got stuck on the Gothic spire of the Catholic Church. He stood on the top of the pointed tower with broken hair and black clothes,faux grass wall, and the white crescent moon formed a huge silver hook behind him. My eyes ran over every part of him-his whole body was impeccable, and he was the most perfect one of us in fighting skills. The two of us stood on our respective spires, facing each other in silence until the moonlight was dim and the sky was covered with thick clouds. I thought I would have a fierce fight with him, but he looked up at the sky and enjoyed the snowflakes. He said to me in a very bourgeois way, "Xiaowan, it's snowing." While he was watching the snow, I cut his throat with a sharp blade in my hand and watched him fall from the spire with his clothes fluttering. The first snow of this winter drifts over my nose, and I can continue my peaceful life. However, I never thought that when Miss Yan's birthday ended the next day, decorative palm trees ,artificial grass panels, my fate would be completely changed. She is a strange girl who has the habit of robbing tombs, as if something in the tomb is calling her. She had just celebrated her fifteenth birthday when she took a private plane to an ancient tomb, and I had to go down with her. I can't see anything in the darkness of the grave. Suddenly, my eyes flashed and the thunder exploded. I held the young lady's hand tightly to protect her, but I was sucked into a dark space by a huge suction. We Through.. Time and space. And. Swapped.. Each other's bodies.. When Miss Yan found that we had not only traveled through time and space, but also exchanged bodies with each other, she was very happy and a little complacent. She said that she had finally passed through the gate of time. This must be the Eastern Han Dynasty. She was going to kill Yan Lezai, the Marquis of Ji Le, and his descendants. That man was said to be the ancestor of their Yan family. The young lady was really happy at that time. She had the body of my monster with extraordinary skill. She left me, who was unable to adapt because she was suddenly in the body of an ordinary girl. She walked all the way and said that after she finished her work, she would go to steal and dig the tomb of Huo Qubing, a general of the Western Han Dynasty who died a hundred years ago. There was something there that could bring her back to modern times. I have no interest in history and know little about the Western Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Southern Han Dynasty and the Northern Han Dynasty. I only know that if her ancestors die, then, according to logical inference, I who now have her body will inevitably lose the chance of survival in the change of history. The direction of the young lady was southeast, and of course, I went northwest. I hate her! The steward said he could keep us alive for a long time as long as we were obedient enough and capable enough to kill. I grew up very obedient and very capable of killing people. I am the number two wing below Qi, and I have paid a lot of price for it that only I know. However, Miss Yan took away my right to live. Alas! I stood alone in the desert and looked around: yellow sand, wind rustling, white clouds, empty for thousands of years. Alas- I sighed again. There is no way to be unlucky-since nothing can be changed, then. Then take the time to walk around and see what new and interesting things can help me pass the rest of the time. The first chapter of the main text: The night is heavy and the journey is long. I saw a smoky gray shadow galloping like lightning in front of the smoke and dust, followed closely by more than fifty wild horses. The leader was a red horse, which seemed to be full of anger, roaring with amazing momentum, leading the horses to catch up with the smoky gray horse in front of them. The two groups of horses have been fighting for some time. The main reason is that the ash horse harasses the subordinates of the red horse, and the red horse is about to catch it and teach it a lesson. Yesterday, I stripped a dirty, thick dress from a corpse and briefly equipped myself with his weapon. Seeing these horses,faux ficus tree, I began to think about catching another horse as a mount to avoid the tiredness of running. I feel very tired when I walk now. My body is like lead and my legs are like wood. How I miss my body before. Although it is stimulated by hormones and drugs, it is perfect, powerful and easy to use.


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