Commercial Pest Control Excellence in Auckland

Commercial Pest Control Excellence in Auckland

Your Trusted Local Expert: ACES Pest Control Auckland


Are pests causing havoc in your commercial space in Auckland? Look no further – ACES Pest Control, your local expert, is here to provide top-notch services across a wide range of areas, including Auckland CBD, Bayswater, Bayview, Beach Haven, Belmont, and many more.


Services Offered


At ACES Pest Control Auckland, we specialize in tackling various pests that commonly plague both residential and commercial spaces in Auckland. Our services cover:


Ant Control: Dealing with the persistent White Footed House Ant? We're experts in managing ant super colonies, ensuring a clean and ant-free environment for your business.


Cockroach Eradication: Gisborne cockroaches making an appearance during cooler months? We've got the expertise to address this issue promptly, keeping your premises roach-free.


Rodent Management: As temperatures drop, mice and rats seek shelter indoors. Our team is well-equipped to handle rodent invasions efficiently.


Bed Bug Extermination: In a bustling city like Auckland Pest Control, occasional bed bug appearances are not uncommon. Our treatments are specially designed for multi-level buildings, ensuring a thorough elimination process.


Borer Control: Older buildings often face borer infestations, particularly in heartwood piles. ACES Pest Control provides targeted solutions to protect your property.


Flea Treatments: Surprisingly, homes without pets can still fall victim to fleas. Our treatments focus on eliminating fleas even in the absence of a traditional host.


Fly Management: Flies can be a nuisance, even in winter. ACES Pest Control addresses summer and winter fly issues, including small flies like fruit flies and moth flies.


Silverfish Prevention: Protect your fabrics and paper records from silverfish damage with our specialized treatments.


Wasp Nest Removal: From common European wasps to the occasional German wasp, we efficiently handle wasp infestations, ensuring a safe environment for your customers and employees.

Awards and Recognition


ACES Pest Control Auckland takes pride in being a multi-award-winning company. We've been honored with the title of BEST pest control in Auckland five times and once for all of New Zealand. These accolades are a testament to our commitment to excellence and merit-based recognition.


Carbon Neutral Pest Control


We are proud to be Auckland's first carbon-neutral pest control company. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in our emission-free vehicles and equipment, powered by green (renewable) energy. We offset any remaining carbon by planting native trees, and all business packaging is recycled. Choose ACES Pest Control for eco-friendly, emission-free pest solutions.


Media Recognition


Our excellence extends to media recognition, having been featured on TVNZ Seven Sharp, TV3 the Project, RNZ, NZ Herald,, and Stuff. Our reputation is built on real reviews from over 250+ satisfied customers, garnering a five-star rating on local Google reviews. Trust ACES Pest Control for reliable and recent pest control services that meet and exceed your expectations.


Professional Qualifications


Rest assured that your pest control needs are in expert hands. ACES Pest Control is staffed by qualified urban pest controllers with Protrain certification. We stay ahead of industry trends by attending NPMA courses virtually, ensuring we are always equipped with the latest products and techniques.


For unparalleled commercial pest control services in Auckland, choose ACES Pest Control. Contact us today to experience excellence in pest management.

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