Doomsday Train [Infinite Flow] --Zhao Anyu

On August 20, when they were about to board the train, Bai Han said goodbye to Song Lin, Duan Shu, and several teams of gold-rimmed glasses.

What's more, Bai Han's team also stepped into the threshold of first-class seats. The three familiar teams had just met smoothly at the bluestone square at six o'clock in the evening. While cheering, they were in a heavy mood. Even the joy of fighting side by side was diluted, and they were nervous about the coming task. Bai Han patted Lei Xue on the arm and focused his attention on the calm Chu Yan: According to Western legend, vampires have no heartbeat and body temperature. They can fly freely in the sky. They can turn into bats. They are most afraid of the sun. They can only come and go at night and sleep in coffins during the day. Besides, you can't kill vampires without silver weapons, crosses and Bibles, holy water, or cutting off their heads. But this one needs to kill Dracu, the king of vampires. I don't know if these things are useful to him. "Dracu is supposed to live in a shady castle; as for Vampire Knight and Vampire Bride, I don't know where they come from. They may be unique characters in this vampire world." She thought for a moment and added, "My personal guess is that tomorrow we will go back to the Middle Ages, when there were no communication devices or heavy weapons, when transportation depended on horses and walking, and when we wanted to kill vampires, we had to rely on ourselves." The mixed-race girl could not think of more for the time being, so she sat back beside Ye Han and gave the opportunity to speak to others. Liang Yisheng thought, "can you be sure it's a physical task?" After getting a negative answer, he had to say: "We need a detailed map of Transylvania, and Romania only has a rough version, not a clearer one.". In addition, I also saved some crosses and so on at ordinary times, which is probably enough to be useful. Because of the majority of supernatural tasks,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, most Penglai passengers believe in all kinds of gods as much as possible, and many of them have accumulated a lot of Buddha beads and crosses that have been opened, not to mention Chu Yan, who devoutly believes in God. She said briskly, "I have the map here, and I'll give you one later.". Crosses and relics I can also provide, but "she shrugged.". Bai Han, who has seen enough horror movies,brushed stainless steel sheet, knows that if evil is strong enough, ordinary people will be doomed even if they hold a cross, and vampires should be regarded as creatures, right? "Vampires can fly in the sky, which is more troublesome." Liang Yusheng looked at his four teammates and said frankly, "Chao Po-tao is good at archery in our team. The four of us only have sleeve arrows. When we run out, we can only fight nearby. Prepare long-range weapons for each of us." The same is true of Ling Yaozu. There are three people in the team plus my main battle and two logistics personnel. He looked at the two new teammates who had not joined in a few games, and then looked at Teacher Du and Lei Xue. "Vampires have the wisdom to hold together, much better than zombies and zombies.". I suggest that we put this together, ask about the situation first, and then attack and defend. The proposal was unanimously approved by the three teams. After the meeting, Bo Han and Lei Xue went to Chu Yan's house to copy the vampire's weakness, and brought back a map and a lot of cross Bibles. The three team leaders discussed joint operations. Shen Baifu excitedly took Cao Zheng to the home of Uncle Duan and other familiar passengers to collect garlic, and gave each of them a few. Bo Han had to pray that this move would work wonders against vampires. As for long-range weapons, the more the better, in addition to the powerful sleeve arrows and crossbows/arrows brought back by Xiangyang City, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, the team also brought a lot of auxiliary weapons such as lighting/bullets. When chatting at night, Bai Han found that Lei Xue's knowledge of vampires was very rich, almost equivalent to the expert level; Lei Xue was a little proud, "I've seen eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries and Twilight," and then kept silent, Bai Han was a little sad: Was Wang Jiayu with her at that time? On August 20, when they were about to board the train, Bai Han said goodbye to Song Lin, Duan Shu, and several teams of gold-rimmed glasses. Because teammate Huang Yongtai is about to enter the 18th mission, that is, the gate of death, Song Lin and Duan Shu are worried, but they can't do anything to quit the team and form another group, not to mention that teammates are not easy to find. The gold-rimmed glasses are still calm, and it sounds that his patron saint, the girl under the tree, is really powerful, and his reputation is slowly spreading. A faint sunset envelops the tranquil eighteenth-century town, much like an oil painting by a painter. In front of us is a large area of closed houses and shops, with smoke curling up from the chimneys; in the center of the town stands a solemn and solemn steeple church, whose stained glass is very striking; everywhere you can see lush green trees, and flowers that can't be named are blooming in the flower beds. Next to it was a cowshed and a horse pen, but unfortunately only the faint smell of excrement could be smelled. What's the matter There is no one. ? Like an isolated city, only bright torches burning quietly in every household and on both sides of the street. Bai Han, who jumped out of the carriage with the box, was confused and stood beside his teammates as soon as possible. The three teams quickly gathered, with the fighters standing outside and the others standing in the inner circle. Clever new person also hesitated to lean over, only a few thorns still refuse to accept "how to mean!"! Where is this? As the long train suddenly disappeared behind us, the sun gradually disappeared and the long night came. What's that sound? The sound of countless wings vibrating came from his ears, and Bai Han held the dagger vigilantly. Chu Yan, who listened attentively, raised her voice: "It's a bat!" The three heavily armed teams were on guard and began to look for hiding places. The first house could not be opened, but the door of the second house was still closed: the doors and windows were welded with strong and heavy iron bars, and it was difficult to break through from the outside. One, two, ten, a hundred.. More and more bats came into view. They are much larger than ordinary bats, with blood-red eyes and devil-like faces. Bats hover over the town like wolves before a hunt. Zhao Handan took off his bow and arrows, but did not dare to disturb them for a moment. Bai Han also nervously pressed the sleeve arrow: "One or two is easy to handle, so many simply powerless.". There was no answer from the dozens of houses around them, so they had to prepare to hide in the stable, where straw was piled up, and it seemed that they could hide. At last there was movement: a window of a house pushed open a narrow crack, revealing a pair of old eyes: "Go to church quickly!" The window closed immediately. From a distance, the church is as clear as a picture, but it is quite far away. Bai Han followed Liang Yusheng to run along the wall, praying that the bats would not attack, but it didn't work: they pounced down as if they had been called on, some rained down on doors,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, windows or roofs, some shuttled through streets and alleys, and some chased the running passengers with all their strength.


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