Seven evil prodigy

This is called a stone in a cesspool. It's smelly and hard!" Bao Xiaoliang was repeatedly provoked by his words, but she was really angry.

Sure enough, in less than a short time, the waiter had already carried two buckets of hot water, poured it into the big wooden bucket, and then went to carry two buckets of cold water, leaving the bath towel corner soap, and went out of the room to close the door. The young man didn't mean to put on a show. He was really tired and sweaty. His whole body was dirty and greasy. He didn't even feel good when he smelled it. He had to soak it in hot water and wash it well. Otherwise, go with the master and servant tomorrow, find a place to sleep everywhere, take a bath and jump into the river and lake to solve the problem, which is convenient and free, and wash happily. Tonight there is ready-made, he naturally has to enjoy it, and after taking a bath, he can also wash the whole body by the way, the wind will probably dry tomorrow morning. Having made up his mind, he quickly stripped off and sat down in the big barrel. Just as he was washing his whole body happily, he suddenly heard a light sound of "oops" from the door. Li Xiaofei was immediately alert and looked up, only to see Bao Xiaoliang sneaking in. He had never recognized the little scholar, and since he was a man, he didn't take it seriously. "What are you doing here, kid?" He asked. Bao Xiaoliang closed the door and turned around. "Come and see you take a bath," she said with a sly smile. "What's there to see in a bath?" Li Xiaofei scolded with a smile. "Hey!" Said Bao Xiaoliang! It's beautiful! It's interesting to see people naked without clothes. Li Xiaofei, knowing that she had nothing to say, laughed and scolded, "Imp, you also have what I have. Won't you look at yourself?" Bao Xiaoliang blushed and said angrily,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, "I want to see you. How about that?" Li Xiaofei shrugged his shoulders and said, "Anyway, we have the same virtue. Yours is just a little younger than mine. I'm a few years older than you. I'm a little more Maomao. Besides, there's nothing special. If you want to see it, just look at it!" Bao Xiaoliang heard that he had no scruples, full of rude words, and the more he said, the more explicit, she was ashamed and indignant, but this can not blame the young man,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, people know that you are a girl disguised as a man! When Li Xiaofei saw her pouting and saying nothing, he asked with a smile, "What's the matter?"? I'm sorry to see it, isn't it? Not to be outdone, Bao Xiaoliang said, "Who said I was embarrassed?" "Then why are you standing so far away?" Asked Li Xiaofei deliberately? Stand closer to see more clearly! Bao Xiaoliang is fooling around. After all, she is a little girl who is only 12 or 13 years old. She knows little about things between men and women. If she really wants to approach the big barrel and see Li Xiaofei sitting naked in the barrel, she really doesn't have the courage. At that time, some people used wooden basins to take a bath, and some people also used large wooden barrels. Generally, inns used this kind of large wooden barrels, which were two feet high around, with wooden blocks arranged in a hoop without the bottom of the oval barrel. Bao Xiaoliang stands in the distance, because the edge of the barrel is very high, enough to block the line of sight, approaching at a glance. When Li Xiaofei saw that she was not moving forward, he said excitedly, "Don't you dare to come closer?" "Joke!" Said Bao Xiaoliang! Who says I dare not? Are you afraid you'll eat me when you get closer? But she just kept talking and stood still. Li Xiaofei said with a smile, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "If you don't dare, you won't dare. You have to be tough. This is called a stone in a cesspool. It's smelly and hard!" Bao Xiaoliang was repeatedly provoked by his words, but she was really angry. With a snort of anger, she really mustered up her courage and went to the big barrel. Unexpectedly, Li Xiaofei leaned forward, reached out and grabbed her hand, and dragged it so hard that Bao Xiaoliang could not stand at once. When she was dragged into the big barrel, she was so surprised that she cried out: "Ah.." Li Xiaofei burst out laughing and hugged her. She was so frightened that she struggled desperately. "Let me go, let me go.." she said angrily. Wang Yuyan has not yet gone to bed, waiting for the lie to go to the toilet Bao Xiaoliang back to the room, that will think of the little girl slipped into the next room to fool around? Two rooms are only separated by a wall, Bao Xiaoliang this exclamation, Wang Yuyan that will not hear? Fortunately, there were only two guest rooms in the back courtyard, otherwise other guests would have come to inspect it, which would have been even more lively. Wang Yuyan heard a surprised, I do not know what happened, hurried out of the room, pushed the door to see, immediately made her embarrassed, even dare not ask, turn around to rush out of the door. Unexpectedly, someone outside the room was about to break in, one in and one out, two people bumped into each other, Wang Yuyan had not yet seen the face of that person, has been a grasp of the wrist. But Li Xiaofei, who was sitting in the big barrel, was surprised and said, "Doctor Qiu!" The bearer was indeed Dr. Qiu. Slightly drunk, he stared at Wang Yuyan, ignoring the people in the room, and asked her, "Who are you?" "Who do you care who I am?" Said Wang Yuyan angrily? Let go! Li Xiaofei thought that Qiu Dada was unwilling and had come to look for trouble. Just as he was about to jump up from the big barrel, he heard Dr. Qiu shout, "Stay in the barrel and don't get up!" Bao Xiaoliang took the opportunity to push Li Xiaofei away and climbed out of the bucket all wet. Before she stood up, she heard Doctor Qiu say, "Little devil, didn't you hear that?"? Nobody move, or I'll lose this boy's arm first! Li Xiaofei said angrily, "Qiu Dada, if you have any quarrel, just come at me. It has nothing to do with Mr. Wu." "Master Wu.." said Doctor Qiu. Dazed, he asked Wang Yuyan, "Is your surname Wu?" When Wang Yuyan heard Li Xiaofei calling him Doctor Qiu, she knew that he was the one with the wrong mind. She could not help saying angrily, "Does Wu also have you?" Doctor Qiu looked puzzled and muttered to himself, "Big elephant, too much like, really too much like.." How could I meet two people like this in one day. Suddenly he realized something and said, "Oh, oh, you two are both surnamed Wu. Are you brothers?" Wang Yuyan did not know, Li Xiaofei went to see Wu Changfeng, used her pseudonym Wu Yan, angrily: "My surname is my Wu, he..." "Of course I'm Wu," said Li Xiaofei. "It has nothing to do with him.." Doctor Qiu said in a cold voice, "So you're not a family?" "What do you care?" Said Wang Yuyan angrily? Let go! "Listen,stainless steel welded pipe," said Doctor Qiu with a sneer. "If I ask a question, you can answer it. If it's not true, I won't let any of you live tonight." 。


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