Humiliation of identity

Which one is it if it's not this one?" Yueyue looked at them doubtfully. What we want to hear is, is it true what was said at school?

Since it was already past four o'clock in the afternoon, there were a lot of students in the school, and when they saw Anluofei pulling Yueyue out of the school, they all looked at them in disbelief! There are even a few girls rubbing their eyes hard, are they dazzled? Originally, I heard a rumor in the morning that senior Ann took a girl to the school doctor's office, but they didn't believe it at that time. Didn't senior Ann never let girls get close to him before? But this scene in front of us,, Yueyue didn't realize why she invited him to dinner until she came out after dinner with Anluofei? And even if he sent her to the school doctor's office, he could leave after that, right? Why do you have to wait there? He slept there himself. Why are you blackmailing yourself for a meal? Especially when Yueyue thought that the guy actually ordered all the most expensive ones, her purse was really bleeding! After thinking of this, Yueyue glared plaintively at the guy beside her who had eaten and drunk enough! Then he said to him angrily, "All right!"! I'll treat you to dinner, too. I'm going back! The words fall behind the big step to leave, do not give him a chance to reflect,heavy duty cantilever racks, lest the guy take the opportunity to blackmail her again. An Luofei stood in place looking at the back of Yueyue when she left, and her eyes flashed a trace of success! Do you really think you can escape? When Yueyue returned to the dormitory, she found that the three of them were sleeping sweetly. She didn't find that she had not returned to the dormitory at all. Yueyue pouted and stared at the three of them. Finally, she climbed into her bed and continued to sleep. Chapter 61 involved in gossip! When Yueyue woke up again, it was more than nine o'clock in the evening. When she opened her eyes and found three pairs of eyes in the sky, she was so frightened that she screamed directly. As soon as the screams came out,automated warehouse systems, they were slapped back by Zhong Ting, and it turned out that all three of them were standing in front of her bed looking at her. Yueyue patted her chest, which was so frightened that her heart beat too fast. Then she sat up slowly and looked at the three people in front of her. With a black face, she asked, "Why are you scaring me?"? Do you know that people are scared to death? As soon as he woke up, he was hit by three people, and the sleepiness that had been a little bit disappeared without a trace. When the three of them saw that Yueyue had completely woken up, one of them grabbed a stool and sat in front of her bed. Then Zhong Ting looked at Yueyue and coughed before asking, "Yueyue, do you have anything to tell us?" While saying this, the two people next to her also looked intently at Yueyue's face to see if she showed an unusual expression. What do you want to tell them? Yueyue scratched her head, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,teardrop pallet racking, but still didn't understand what they meant by asking. Suddenly, her finger scratching her head accidentally scratched the lump. After a burst of pain, she finally remembered what she wanted to tell them. Yueyue looked at the three of them with grief and indignation on her face: "Whoo-I really have something to say!" All three were surprised that Yueyue admitted it so quickly? The three of them said in unison, "Then say it quickly!" They want to know very much now, the thing that the hubbub in the school spreads is true or false! Yueyue was startled by the three of them making a sound at the same time. She gave them a white voice before saying, "I was blackmailed today!"! I'm bleeding profusely now, and you're going to invite me to dinner this month! "That's not what we want to hear," the impatient Boa interrupted as soon as he said this. "Which one is it if it's not this one?" Yueyue looked at them doubtfully. What we want to hear is, is it true what was said at school? Seeing what Zhong Ting wanted to say, Baoer answered directly and quickly. "What is it?" Yueyue looked at the three of them in a confused way. Is there anything in the school? Three people look at each other, the feeling is that this girl still doesn't know what happened? Zhong Ting glanced at her sympathetically and said, "You know, you are a celebrity in our school now!" When the three of them got up at night, they saw that Yueyue was still sleeping, so they didn't wake her up to go out and pack some food to eat with her, but they never thought that there would be gossip about her everywhere after they went out! So three people after buying food, quickly rushed back to the dormitory ready to ask a good month, outside in the end is true or false? After hearing Zhong Ting's words, Yueyue felt a sense of foreboding in her heart. She turned her head in panic and grabbed Baoer's hand and asked, "Tell me quickly, what happened?" When Boa saw Yueyue's appearance, she didn't know how to tell her that she had now become the rival of all the girls in the school, especially those nymphomaniacs who had been drooling at Ann, but could only watch from a distance. Baoer patted her hand soothingly and said, "Did you go to dinner with Senior An today?"? How do you two know each other? When I saw him at the school gate that morning, didn't Yueyue know him? Why do we know each other so well that we can go to dinner together today? Yueyue looked at her in amazement. "You mean it has something to do with him?" As soon as this remark was made, the three of them nodded in unison! Yueyue fell to her bed again with grief and indignation. She said gloomily, "Tell me directly what the school said!" "Rumor in the school said that you used a honey trap to pretend to faint in order to get close to senior Ann, and then pestered him and asked him to take you to dinner!" Cui Xue's speech is simple and clear, obviously there are many versions in the school, she directly picked the most people to discuss to say out. After listening to the reasons, Yueyue put her head into the quilt and patted the quilt hard. She also patted the quilt and shouted gloomily: "I was wronged!"! Why did I pester him to go to dinner when he was blackmailing me? Eh? Boa smelled the smell of gossip. She sat on the edge of the bed and pushed Yueyue, who was lying in the quilt, and asked, "What happened?"? You tell us, maybe we can help you, but not necessarily! There was a hint of seduction in Boa's words. Sure enough,industrial racking systems, Yueyue was taken in. She raised her head gloomily: "Really?" As soon as Cui Xue looked at Baoer's appearance, she wanted to find out the gossip. She curled her mouth in a boring way and moved the stool to the table to eat the dinner that had just been sold. And Zhong Ting and Baoer are still in front of Yueyue's bed, ready to listen to the reasons before and after the matter.


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