Legend of Galactic Heroes (3) Hundreds of billions of stars, hundreds of billions of light

At first, in a corner of his field of vision, he saw the "disgusting" figure of Major General Liunieburk, but he ignored it and only cared

At first, in a corner of his field of vision, he saw the "disgusting" figure of Major General Liunieburk, but he ignored it and only cared about wine, meat and fruit, and when he noticed it again, he had disappeared. Reinhart had no way of knowing that Runiburk was being summoned by a guest and had gone to a separate room. It's you, count. At this time, Liunieburk showed an unusual panic to the other side. The man seemed to be about forty years old. Apart from the fact that the eyebrows are a little thick, which can be regarded as a neat appearance, it also makes people feel that it is not like the sharp practical ability of a simple aristocrat. Overflowing on the slender body like a saber. It was the brother-in-law of Rünebrück, Count Elie von Hercubek, the elder brother of Rünebrück's wife, Elizabeth, and perhaps the only object of fear in the Empire for the exile who had been the captain of the 11th company of the Knights of the Rose. There was a shadow of tension in their expressions when they faced each other. Originally, Count Hercubek had good intentions for the man who had come from exile from the League, so he agreed to the strong proposal of Liunieburk and married his sister to her. One of the factors was that the society judged that Elizabeth could not forget her fiance who died in battle, and her brother, who was worried about her degenerative mental state, actively promoted the marriage. There are also such rumors. Major General Ljuneburk, I have heard some very important things about your family. Sitting face to face on the sofa, these were the first words the count spoke. My wife, did Elizabeth say anything to you? "I didn't say anything." The tone of the brother-in-law was very cold. Sister, she is too withdrawn and autistic. It would be great if she could speak out more about her thoughts or what happened around her. Among the bureaucrats, Count Hercubek holds the important post of vice minister of the police headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He is widely known as the best candidate for the next chief inspector of police, and then he will become the minister of internal affairs and be listed in the cabinet, which is also widely rumored. What's more, he is still thirty-eight years old, and once he becomes a minister of internal affairs, he will monopolize this seat. But even if she didn't say it, I knew there was something wrong in my sister's heart. Besides, your attitude towards your sister will not be perfect. “……” "There are also strange rumors circulating that you don't know how to go out. I hope you will respect yourself in everything." The count's eyes had a metallic sheen. Major General, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,side impact beams, I would not like to think that you are proposing to my sister for the purpose of influence in the politics of Count Herzbeck, because it is related to my own ability to distinguish people. The count stuck the invisible awl in the heart of Liunieburk. But I can't exchange my sister's happiness for my face. If the relationship between husband and wife is beyond repair, I have to take the path that is considered best. Only then did Runiburk drop the armor he had been wearing. I want to ask you something, count. "What is it?" "It's about Elizabeth's original fiance." There were dangerous sparks in Liunieburk's expression and voice, but his brother-in-law was not moved. Didn't you tell me when you proposed to my sister? You said you had no interest in my sister's past. Did you break your promise. Perhaps in the group of traitors of some alliance, it is permissible to break one's promise. "It's a terrible irony, but I'm not the one who cares about the past, count, but Elizabeth." “……” My wife always looks at the shadow of my former fiance behind my back and compares it with me. My wife denied it, but I knew it in my heart. The mouth of Count Hedenbeck was opened in the shape of a small sigh. So, the wife cares about the past, the husband cares about the present, and the couple who stay in the Neburk family seem to have their own troubles, but who cares about the future? "At least I care." "That would be great." "As if he were tired, rather than moving," said Count Hedenbeck, raising his hand slightly in silence. It was evident that it was the end of the conversation, and that it was a request to leave Nieburk, but the count's brother-in-law had no intention of leaving the place, although he understood this. When he tried to speak again, the count took the lead. Major General, please don't let me down again. Liunieburk's face turned blue. He made a cursory salute and turned away. Ⅲ Without banquets of laughter and conversation, Reinhart could not stay for a long time. After digesting some formal and ceremonial conversations, the only thing left is to find the time to exit. After twenty-one, it was clear that the dignitaries began to disappear from the meeting. Reinhart also wanted to go back and was walking to the corridor leading from the sand to the storage place. No, he meant to, but Grinmeleshaujan House was an old building that had been built and rebuilt many times, and it seemed that it had come to the solarium by the wrong door, and it seemed that it was more or less drunk. In front of the wall hung with still life paintings, there is a light pink sofa. Reinhart noticed that a lady in a silk dress seemed to be sitting there in pain. What's wrong with you? Madam Although I think I have some memory of this appearance, I'm not sure yet. It turned out that Reinhart was not very enthusiastic about remembering the appearance of women. If there were anyone else here, he would not talk to the woman. But now he was the only one around the woman. Reinhart's ability to deal with women was less than one in ten thousand of the ability to command an army in the universe. But because of his almost extreme blend of magnificence and grace in appearance, it was difficult for anyone except his sister and Gilfias to perceive this fact. The woman lay down on the sofa and was about to call the servant when the unexpected situation bit him. Does Major General Mujal have an interest in other people's spouses? The sound of cold air, mixed with poison gas, came from behind him, and Reinhart turned his eyes to cast the blue of legislation,Cold Drawn Tubes, and saw the strangely pale face of Hormann von Liuniebke, which made him want to be shocked. 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