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Once the will can resist, then his "Black Hole Evolution" secret method once really wield out, then I'm afraid Luofeng really can't stop

Once the will can resist, then his "Black Hole Evolution" secret method once really wield out, then I'm afraid Luofeng really can't stop, after all, Sajin Fire Dragon has been through the seventh floor of the overpass for too long. I beat you last time, and I still beat you this time! Luo Feng glanced at Sa Jin Huolong and whispered back. Ge! Luo Feng looked at another man. Ge belongs to the battle maniac. Although it is the latest one of the five masters to break through the seventh floor of the overpass, he is more like Rong Jun, with a high fighting talent. The same rule of perception, but the combat effectiveness is strong. He stood in the air with yellow half-squinting eyes, hiding a very small pair of ears behind a pair of ears, the whole person seems to be pre-abandoned, but there is a faint smell like a fierce beast. The other geniuses of the Primordial Secret Land were at a distance from him and apparently did not want to be near him. Ge glanced at Luo Feng, drooping his eyelids, and his eyes passed a trace of brilliance in an instant, and then he resumed his decadence. Ninan. Luo Feng glanced at the young man in the silver-gray battle robe. That young man with a smile, should belong to the five masters of the most approachable one, when Luo Feng looked at the past. Ninan, the young man in the silver-gray battle robe, also smiled at Luo Feng. Foolish wind! Apothecary Foolish Wind! Belonging to the most mysterious and bizarre one of the five masters, he was covered in a black robe and could only see a pair of cold eyes. Croft! Luo Feng looked at the strongest one of the five masters. Croyan! Wearing gray armor, with a yellow mane on his face, a pair of brown eyes with a faint green light, and occasionally showing fangs at the corners of his mouth, the whole person feels like a wolf to Luo Feng! Werewolf Croft seemed to notice Luo Feng looking over, and immediately turned his head to look over and suddenly grinned. (Forum tbsp; "Boom!" As if being stared at by a giant beast, Luo Feng's hair could not help but stand up. Ha-ha Croft chuckled. "Funny little fellow." As soon as the werewolf Croft spoke, a group of old people looked at him, and all of them, including the apothecary Yufeng, could not help but look at the werewolf Croft with a trace of nervousness in their eyes! Luo Feng also stared at the werewolf Croft, although he had seen the original secret of Moro, but the subconscious felt. Clov, the strongest in the Primordial Secret Land, is more terrible than Moro in the Primordial Secret Land! This group of peerless geniuses come from different human races in the universe. Eight people represent eight human races and have different dress habits. Some are close to the natural green, some are close to the flame, some feel like cold water.. This group of geniuses are all very untamed, plastic bulk containers ,secondary containment pallet, but six of them are the strongest! The old man's five masters, and the strongest newcomer Luo Feng! Six people! All through the seventh floor of the overpass! "The qualification battle is very simple!" Each of the eight of you will engage the other seven. The winner scores! Losers get o points for peace games! Finally, according to the top three of the points ranking, they are eligible to compete for the original secret quota. Wearing a purple uniform, the thin man with purple lips said hoarsely, "There are five people in the Primitive Secret Land, and they will also have a qualification battle.". The last three immortals.. Will be with the three strongest in our Taichu area. A total of six people compete for the only place in the original secret world. Silence. Luofeng, Werewolf Croft, Sarkin Fire Dragon, Apothecary Yufeng, Ninan, Ge, these six people's eyes are bright. There is only one winner between the three of us in the Taichu District and the three of us at the end of the Primitive Secret Land! Luo Feng's eyes swept over the other five, "the five of them, as well as the three of the Primitive Secret Land, I will defeat them all!"! Only in this way can I become a member of the original secret realm! The first chapter is here! Chapter 10 Chapter 44 White Dwarf (Today's Second Watch) A four-eared man with a yellow head and seemingly decadent eyes, drooping his eyelids, glanced over the other five: "Sarkin Fire Dragon, Ninan, and Luofeng are not much of a threat!"! My real opponents are Foolish Wind and Croft! I haven't perfected my move in the last qualification battle, and I'm too lazy to use it. This time I'm going to make a big splash! Rush into the primeval secret land! Greg has a lot of ambition, and his progress is really amazing. It's easy to beat the other four, and it's this wolf. "The foolish wind shrouded in black robes looked at the werewolf Croft." This time I specially refined the potion for him, as long as it succeeds. I will be sure to rush into the original secret land! Werewolf Croft is standing in silence: "I am now in a'desperate mission ', part of the consciousness alert.". Part of the consciousness to fight for qualification! Under normal circumstances, I can only use 70% of my strength. Well, 70% strength, that's enough. A group of people have their own ideas about each other. And the emaciated man in purple uniform, who represents the virtual universe company, went on to say: "The last eight people from the Taichu Secret Land will compete with the first eight people from the Heaven and Earth Secret Land for the eight places in the Taichu Secret Land.". Losers are all eliminated into the secret land of heaven and earth. Duofeng was secretly surprised to hear this. The elimination rate is too high. But also right! Primitive Secret Land Regular Quota is Human (Cosmic Level)! The regular quota of the Primordial Secret Land is. Human (cosmic level)! Of course, all the extra people have to be eliminated, and if they are not strong enough, they will be eliminated! "Rong Jun is in trouble this time." Luo Feng looked at Rong Jun beside him, but Rong Jun smiled and seemed confident. The qualification battle will begin soon! The thin man in purple uniform looked at a group of young people in front of him. "The qualification battle is carried out in some special scenes, when the virtual universe system will send you directly to the past.". Also You can watch the others fight through the screen! "Get ready!" After the thin man in purple uniform finished, he disappeared directly out of thin air. A group of geniuses in the secret world of the beginning of the sky all clicked on a screen in front of them, and at that moment. Almost eight people's ears rang at the same time, whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The sorcerers were all transported away from Yuxiangshan. () Qualification battle! Here we go! "Luofeng, your first battle is about to begin in the cosmic qualification battle of Taichu District. Your opponent is Moviska." Luo Feng's ear sounded the voice said this content,collapsible pallet box, at the same time, on the wrist also appeared an armguard screen, the screen also emerged combat information. Whoosh!. binpallet.com


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