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The girl beside her seemed to be frightened, holding a tissue in her hand, wiping her tears, and her face was full of heartache.

The girl beside her seemed to be frightened, holding a tissue in her hand, wiping her tears, and her face was full of heartache. But she raised her little face, wiped it casually, did not care, and continued to eat the red thing. Such a place, he will never go to see it, but she is happy to see it, Le Yao, sure enough, even if the life of a cheap person wearing an expensive princess skirt can not become a princess, glad you still have this self-knowledge! The world is unpredictable, when one day, the man himself appeared here, he chased the corner of the eye no longer that smiling girl. It was the first time he had seen laughter and tears on her face. No matter how he tortured her before, she was in pain to death, but she only bit her lip tightly, even if it was broken, she would not cry. How interesting! Le Yao, you are so capable! The man threw the photo on the table with a "bang". From yesterday to today, in less than 24 hours, you let me see you. It turns out that your face can also be changed,stainless steel needle valve, not all of them are lifeless. The man's fingers are depressed, and the photo has a big crease, which just falls on the girl's crying little face. The direction of the thumb was connected to the tears on the girl's face, and if she was in front of him, his fingers could catch the tears. Pow! The picture in the man's hand was thrown out by him, and the lines on his face suddenly became cold and hard. Go get her! The cold fingers drew a cold arc, and the photos in front of them flew out. Fang Tezhu couldn't bear it, but he nodded his head to accept the order. Out of the office building, Fang Tezhu looked at the dark sky,brass tube fitting, which was always like this before the thunderstorm in summer, depressing and stuffy, making people breathless. He thought that it would probably not be sunny today! -End of chapter- 032: Shit, uncle, you are a pervert. "Jiang Xiaozhi, you give me another chili, try it!" Jiang Haicheng stood in her bedroom with his waist akimbo, looking down at Jiang Xiaozhi, who was crying on the bed. Uncle, I'm all right! Jiang Xiaozhi rolled his eyes directly. He has been talking about the present since he came back yesterday. As for it, he just ate some chili peppers and had a pimple on his face? "It's all right. Look at that peanut on your face!" Jiang Haicheng roared angrily, came over from the end of the bed, sat down, pinched her shoulder, and poked her in the face. Uncle, wait, stainless steel tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting supplier, it hurts! Jiang Xiaozhi cried out, this second uncle is really ruthless, directly to the head of the acne press down, the pain of her tears are out. Deserve it Jiang Haicheng roared at her angrily, but he let go when he saw her misty eyes. Jiang Xiaozhi lay on the bed with his teeth bared, and the small quilt was pulled all the way to his face, showing only two eyes, staring at Jiang Haicheng. Uncle, don't you have a meeting in the company today? She asked, with starlight in her eyes. No! "Uncle, don't you go out to socialize today?" She asked again. No "Uncle, don't you have a phone to answer?" She asked again. Shutdown Shit! Jiang Xiaozhi set off ripples in the heart, this second uncle is not too to force a point, she just ate a little pepper out of a pimple, he actually pushed all the things to accompany her. Do you want it to be spicy and exaggerated! Jiang Xiaozhi rolled his eyes, thinking of a killer's mace, and then killed the second uncle with no way out. Malicious eyes fell on him, from his short hair to his rolled cuffs, and then to his black trousers. Boring, wearing black trousers all day is not boring! Jiang Xiaozhi looked at his uncle's tight narrow buttocks wrapped in black sitting on his sheets, smiling at the corners of his mouth. Uncle, do you like my sheets so much? Jiang Xiaozhi said softly and glutinously, deliberately lengthening the coda. What Jiang Haicheng did not hear clearly, to be exact, did not understand. Look at you, you've been sitting here for a long time and you don't want to get up! Jiang Xiaozhi's tender white hand came out of the quilt and pointed to his buttocks. Jiang Haicheng looked in her direction, and his body bounced up in an instant as if it had been installed with a spring. "Jiang Xiaozhi!" "Ha ha ha!" Jiang Xiaozhi covered his mouth and laughed. This uncle is so cute. Is he allergic to pink? "Uncle, I said I would buy you a set. Why don't you want it? Then you can sleep on it every day!" Jiang Xiaozhi laughed enough and said with a straight face. Jiang Haicheng looked at her, but his mind flashed the tender rice dumplings he saw that day when he pushed the door in. Jiang Haicheng was shocked by the pictures in his mind, and his whole body became hot and dry. The red-hot face was angry, and Jiang Haicheng rushed to the door with an arrow. Grounded for three days! Leave four words without looking back. Shit, uncle, you BT! Jiang Xiaozhi looked at his back and cursed, she had a pimple grounded for three days, where is the justice! -End of chapter- 033: It's almost moldy. Jiang Xiaozhi was really grounded. She had been wandering around the house for countless times, and she was about to get moldy. Hey! With a roar to the sky, Jiang Xiaozhi's face was full of suffocation! The finger pokes own small face, that smallpox India already used the second uncle that exclusive secret recipe to disappear, but still did not give her to go out. "Uncle Wang, can I take a walk in the small garden outside the door?" After the umpteenth circle, Jiang Xiaozhi put her hands together and worshipped the housekeeper in front of her! "Third Young Lady, it's not that I won't let you out, it's the two big men outside the door. You and I together can't beat them!" The housekeeper had no choice but to spread out his hands. Jiang Xiaozhi nu mouth, looked outside, also do not know where the second uncle is to get two people, look gloomy, unexpectedly the stature is still so burly, hum, he thought he was Schwarzenegger ah, so many muscles to do! The rain is dripping on my coat. The yearning soaks the corner of my clothes The signal you gave. Smile a little Appeared just right.. Jiang Xiaozhi walked over lazily when his cell phone rang. Hello "Hey, Jiang Xiaozhi,needle valve manufacturer, I'm Wang Meng, from our department, the one who borrowed Le Yao's English book last time!" 。


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