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The thin old man surnamed yuan laughed and his face sank. He said coldly, "Gai Minggong has already done it. We won't pursue it any more.

The thin old man surnamed yuan laughed and his face sank. He said coldly, "Gai Minggong has already done it. We won't pursue it any more.." “ "Thank you, Mr. yuan," said Gai Tieh. The thin old man, surnamed yuan, said, Don't stand on ceremony, just listen to more words in the future. Turn around and walk out. Without waiting for the thin old man surnamed yuan to speak, the Scar man stepped forward and closed Li Yanhao's two acupoints with one finger. Then he picked up Li Yanhao and swung him. Li Yanhao was already on his shoulder. Li Yanhao was not light. The Scar man was very strong. A group of people went out of the east room. Gai Tieh took a step and said, "Old yuan, don't you want to sit down?"? “ The thin old man, surnamed yuan, shook his head and said, "No, I have to go back to the General Altar.." "Then let your subordinates send someone to set up the chariot.." said Gai Tieji. The thin old man, surnamed yuan, shook his head again and said, "That's not necessary. It's in the city of Kaifeng. What can I send? I came on foot when I came. Tell your men to open the door. I'm too lazy to climb over the wall again." Gai Tiejiao answered and hurriedly ordered Yan Ti to open the gate, while he and Gai Hanying followed the thin old man surnamed yuan to the layman. Sent out of the gate, watching the figure of a few people into the alley night, Gai Hanying expression a dark,Magnetic Drain Plug, said: "Brother, he told you to take care." "Thank you, brother, and take care of yourself.." he said, looking at the vast white night at the mouth of the alley. The thin old man surnamed yuan, Jin yuanqing and the scar man finally stopped in one place after taking Li Yanhao to turn east and west for a while. Although Li Yanhao was closed in two acupoints, he could still see and hear,Stainless steel foundry, and he could also speak. He was stunned when he saw this place. It turned out that this place was not somewhere else, but in front of the Daxiangguo Temple. Gai Tieh has a place in front of the "Daxiangguo Temple". Jin yuanqing and these people live in the "Daxiangguo Temple". Gai Tieh doesn't know! In front of the "Daxiangguo Temple" at this time, because the night was deep and the people had dispersed, it looked empty and silent, only the empty sheds, even the shadows of individuals could not be seen. Stopping in front of the Daxiangguo Temple, the thin old man surnamed yuan opened his mouth and said, "This man surnamed Li has been handed over to you. It's up to you what to do with him." "Won't Old yuan go in and sit down for a while?" Asked Jin yuanqing. "No," said the thin old man surnamed yuan. "I'd better go back to the General Altar. I've been delayed for half a day." "Well, then," said Jin yuanqing, "I won't see you off." The old man, surnamed yuan, gave a "hmm" and without saying much, turned and galloped away into the night. After the thin old man surnamed yuan left, die cast light housing ,die casting parts, Jin yuanqing immediately took the scar man into the side gate of the "Daxiangguo Temple". The two of them entered the "Daxiangguo Temple" and walked straight back. Now the huge "Daxiang Temple" was so quiet that no sound could be heard. Not even a monk could be seen. Not long after arriving at the temple, Jin yuanqing and the Scar man stopped in front of a two-story building with wolf teeth, high beak, and flying eaves. In front of the building was a horizontal plaque with three big characters, which read: "Sutra Building.". Li Yanhao opened his mouth on the shoulder of the Scar Man: "The monk of the'Daxiangguo Temple 'is so easy to talk to that he is willing to give the'Sutra Building' to outsiders." Jin yuanqing shouted coldly, "Li, shut up your dog's mouth. You'll have fun later." He pushed the door open and went in. The "Sutra Building" was dark, but in a twinkling of an eye, the light flashed. Jin yuanqing lit the light. Under the light, the downstairs of the "Sutra Building" was very clean, but the furnishings were very simple. Except for two beds and a table, there were almost no other furnishings. After Jin yuanqing lit the lamp, he glanced coldly at Li Yanhao and said, "Throw him down." Scar man is really obedient, hand a loose, shoulder an arch, Li Yanhao threw down from the shoulder, see Li Yanhao will fall a solid, see his waist a straight a turn has been firmly standing on the ground. Jin yuanqing was startled and raised his hand to touch his waist. Li Yanhao smiled indifferently and said, "Jin, can you do it?" Although Li Yanhao was still tied up, Jin yuanqing did not dare to move his hand on his waist. Cried the Scar man, "I've closed his acupoint.." Li Yanhao said, "You can control me with your hands closed.." He stepped up to the table. As soon as he left, Jin yuanqing shivered and retreated with a startled look on his face. Li Yanhao said with a smile, "Once you are bitten by a snake, you will be afraid of the well rope for ten years. It seems that you are afraid of fixing me." As soon as his arms moved, the tendon fell, and his hands rubbed each other's wrists. Dragged a chair and sat down at the table. He took something out of his bosom and put it on the table. He looked at Jin yuanqing in a twinkling and said, "Jin yuanqing, come and see what this is." Jin yuanqing dared to come over. In fact, he could see it clearly without coming over. It was a rosary. He was stunned and stared at the eldest brother. He shouted: This This You, too. Li Yanhao smiled indifferently and said, "It's superfluous to ask. Come here." Jin yuanqing stood there and did not dare to move. "Come here," said Li Yanhao. "Didn't you hear me?" Jin yuanqing hesitated for a moment and moved at his feet. It was not a move, let alone a step. Li Yanhao smiled coldly and said, "How could the Three Green Gang want you?"? I can't believe I'm on patrol. Jin yuanqing blushed and said nothing. Although he moved at his feet, he was always moving. Before long, he had reached two or three feet in front of Li Yanhao. He stopped and refused to move any further. Good courage. "Li Yanhao smiled coldly. He raised his finger and pointed to the table." See clearly, "he said." Is there anything wrong? " Jin yuanqing clenched his heart and asked hesitantly, "Are you.." "It's the same as yuan's," said Li Yanhao. "The difference is that he's outside and I'm inside." Jin yuanqing said, "Oh, you are from Nei Wutang.." Li Yanhao was brilliant, so he only said that yuan was outside and he was inside, because he didn't know how many halls there were in the general altar of the "Three Green Gang",DIN screw plug, and he was afraid of making a mistake. In fact, he was right to worry that there were only five halls in the inner hall of the "Three Green Gang". When Jin yuanqing said this, he cut off his mouth: "It's good that you understand." 。 autoparts-dx.com


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