The Battle of Online Games in Beauty Studio

Under the reminder of Yi Tian, several girls turned around and ran out of the attack range of BOSS quickly while the magic time was limited.

Under the reminder of Yi Tian, several girls turned around and ran out of the attack range of BOSS quickly while the magic time was limited. Chapter three hundred and one fallen dragon Although the battle is fierce, but it is not urgent, in the alternate control of several people and the good position of Yi Tian and the month, with Qianqian's treatment, BOSS's big damage skills are often not blocked by the Holy Light Shield or dropped by MISS, about half an hour later, watching BOSS's life is only the last little silk. After dodging the attack of BOSS, Yi Tian immediately rushed up instead of retreating. After two five-digit numbers floated up, the Yalong guard finally could no longer bear the ravages of a few people, shook his huge head, and finally succeeded in extricating himself. System Tip: Player Yi Tiantian has caused 24693 damage to Yalong Guard, and Yalong Guard has died. "System Tip: Yalong Guard is dead. You have gained 500000 points." After killing Shouguan BOSS, in addition to the huge experience reward, Yi Tian found that the dragon egg on his body, which did not know what role it played, had evolved again. At this time, it jumped to 5%, which was a sudden rise of 3%. Pretty good Yi Tian glanced at the increasingly dim egg of the bone dragon and said. Yeah,Automatic Nail Making Machine, it's really good! Xie Yue picked up a piece of equipment from the ground with satisfaction, looked at it and threw it into his package. [Ares Gauntlet] Purple Quality: Equipment type: Armor; Equipment position: chest; Defense: 420 points: Increases strength by 190; Increases Agility by 190; Increases stamina by 190; Increases intelligence by 190; Increases the user's attack speed by 15%; Increases the user's defense by 15%; Required grade: Grade 145; Bind is required before equipping, and cannot be traded after binding; Ares suit 37 suit attribute is not activated; Anyway, the first two pieces have been assigned to the understanding month, so this one naturally falls into the pocket of the understanding month without exception. After picking up this piece of equipment, Xie Yue conveniently sent the rest of the equipment to the team channel. [Giant Bear Boots] Dark Gold Quality: Equipment type: Armor; Equipment position: leg; Defense: 20 points: Increases strength by 110; Increases Agility by 110; Increases stamina by 110; Increases intelligence by 110; Increases the user's movement speed by 5%; Required grade: Grade 115; Bind is required before equipping, and cannot be traded after binding; [Barbed Shield] Gold Quality Equipment position: shield; Defense: 660: Increase strength by 90 points; Increases Agility by 90; Increase physical strength by 90 points; Increases intelligence by 90; Required grade: Grade 145; “……” Looking at the remaining two pieces of equipment, several people were speechless for a while. Hee hee, sorry ah, Nail machine supplier ,nail manufacturing machine, it seems that luck has been taken away by me, so the rest of the equipment has become so bad! Xie Yue stuck out her tongue and said. After a rest, several people marched to the fourth floor again. This time, the time was much more abundant than last night. Several people played in the nameless tower until the lights were on. When several people went online again after dinner, they were already in front of the BOSS on the sixth floor. The BOSS on the sixth floor is somewhat similar to the Yalong guard, but this is the appearance of a big lizard that has evolved into a human being above its waist. At this time, it is wandering with a belly about 100 meters away from several people, and from time to time it raises its neck and spits out a flame in midair. After looking around for a long time, Yi Tian suddenly felt something was wrong and threw the insight over to have a look. He was immediately depressed. What's wrong? "Seeing the change of Yi Tian's face, Xiao Xue asked." Damn, this guy is a real dragon! It's not a copycat version like the third floor! After that, Yi Tian shared the results he had just got to the team channel. [Fallen Dragon]: Attack: 1680019200: Defense: 12600: Life: 18000 00: Skill: Unknown. "Wow!" A look at the attributes, several girls immediately exclaimed. Nearly twenty thousand attacks, in addition to the easy day reconciliation month is completely the life of seckill, more than ten thousand defense, that means that ordinary physical damage will be reduced to a terrible level, 1800000 life, even if standing still to let a few people output, I'm afraid at least to play an hour. How to fight? Several girls had a headache. Looking at Xie Yue's confident appearance, Xiao Xue asked curiously, "Do you have any idea about Xie Yue?"? How to play this BOSS? "Hit hard!" Xie Yue turned her head to look at Xiao Xue and said. Shit! Yi Tian was so depressed that he knew that this guy couldn't say anything good. Looking at the sight of several girls gathered on him, Yi Tian could only bite the bullet and analyze: "Dragon, the name is a dragon creature. I'm afraid the natural magic resistance is high, and the physical attack and defense as well as life are so high. It seems that hard work is absolutely impossible, so we can only.." "We can only." "We can only." After repeating twice, Yi Tian finally sighed: "I can only give up!" “……” Looking at the disappointed eyes of several girls, Yi Tianyi spread out his hands and said: "If we analyze rationally, we should give up returning to the city and come back when we are equipped. If we are not rational.." "We will fight together, maybe we can find some weaknesses of BOSS in the battle, but once we enter the battle, it will be very difficult to return to the city, you decide to see!" After Yi Tian said his idea,wire nail machine manufacturers, he threw the problem to the other girls. Chatter. After discussing for a moment, Xiao Xue turned her head and asked, "What's your opinion?" 。


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