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So far tonight, the rebels have damaged more than 6,000 men, more than half of them Salvadoran troops. This has been a rare piece

So far tonight, the rebels have damaged more than 6,000 men, more than half of them Salvadoran troops. This has been a rare piece of good cooperation by the rebel alliance since the siege of Osgillia. But now, the governors of many military regions have refused to send more troops. After all, everyone has selfishness, in this world, the army is in the hands of the capital, if the forces are all out, how to talk about a foothold in the future? ※ Repeated battles in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe have awakened the whole city of Osgiliya in its sleep at night. The city defense in the emergency mobilization, Hughes stood on the wall, but also can see his left side, the distance is the direction of the Arc de Triomphe, there is now a river of blood. Looking back, there were countless soldiers in the streets of the city running in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe with torches. Triumphal arch of repeated battles have forced the garrison in the city to mobilize, even just now, there is a messenger of the city defense to run brake this section of the city defense, command to let this section of city defense transfer fifty people to support the triumphal arch. The runner was killed by the elite of Hughes's men disguised as defenders,Nail machine manufacturer, and his body was left in the corner of the wall. Hughes was nervously counting the time! Almost! Almost! We can't wait any longer! The city has begun to mobilize troops, if they do not act. I'm afraid the defenders will find themselves in this section of the city defense out of the unusual situation. "Everyone!"! Get ready! Hughes turned his head and drew out his sword. "Everybody get ready to do it!"! Disguised as a garrison, go in front, the others follow! Let's go to Wellington Gate! ※ Wellington Gate is one of the most obscure of the miraculous city defenses southwest of Osgillia. Small city gate. Compared with the Arc de Triomphe, which is tens of meters high, the height of Wellington Gate is only 20 meters. Level with the city wall. Although in the mainland, the 20-meter-high gate is already a first-class magnificent building,wire nail machine manufacturers, but in the magnificent city defense system of Osgiliya, this gate is the most inconspicuous one. This gate has never been the main attack direction of the rebels. The reason is simple: the moat is in this section, near the estuary, and the height of the city defense is at least five or six meters higher than the wilderness on the other side of the natural slope of the terrain. The height of five or six meters was enough for the archers of the garrison to kill more than 30% of the enemy before they reached the moat. More importantly, because this section of the moat is close to the estuary, the width of the river is 150 meters! But the bridge on the river is less than three meters wide! With the design of the bridge outside the Arc de Triomphe, which allows several carriages to run in parallel at the same time, the bridge must be so rustic and dilapidated. This is the oldest bridge in Osgiliya. However, it was this situation that made the rebels never attack the gate. Are you kidding me! The river is 150 meters wide, but the bridge is only three meters wide! If you want to run from the bridge to attack the city defense, then the attacking soldiers will be forced to squeeze less than three meters wide in an area of 150 meters! It was like being sent to the door to be slaughtered by the archers of the garrison! And the narrow bridge deck also limits the siege equipment can not be pushed up. You know, if a siege vehicle is pushed onto the bridge, the bridge deck is almost full, Nail production machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and the soldiers responsible for pushing the vehicle can not be placed on both sides. All the time. This ancient city gate and bridge, even in the city of Osgillia, is already one of the most depressed places. This city gate is the slum area of Osgillia, and this city gate and bridge are for the poor to enter and exit. Naturally, it does not need to be too magnificent. But, after all, this is also a gateway to the city of Osgillia, as a defensive side, under the command of two generals, Adric and Span, there is no contempt and relaxation for the gates of Wellington, where a full thousand defenders are stationed. And a few days ago, Adric also sent a crossbow camp here! Adric believed that wide rivers and too narrow bridges were the most suitable battlefields for archers to play. If the enemy dares to attack here, then the additional crossbow battalion will become a nightmare for the rebel attacking soldiers. This measure is good enough. Adric and Spann's setup is perfect enough. But tonight, the fortress was conquered from within! The battle in the direction of Osgillia attracted most of the attention of the defenders in the city. No one noticed that behind the defensive line far from the main attack point, such a group of soldiers dressed in garrison costumes were hurrying through the night. Wellington Gate was not far from where Hughes was, and tonight the rebels attacked frantically, the army in the city was moving, and in the chaos, his men were running all the way. There were men in garrison garb running in the front, and even Gerry, who was supposed to lead the way, and along the way, he passed through two sections of the city defense without even being stopped. When questioned, it was also Gerry who came forward. He had the garrison officer's badge, but said that he was ordered by General Spann to go to Wellington Gate to strengthen the defense, fearing that the rebels would attack at night. Almost bloodless, hundreds of elite have quietly arrived at the Wellington Gate of the defense area. One thousand of the original garrison here, just before tonight, a battalion was temporarily transferred to the Arc de Triomphe. Under the walls, among the soldiers, Hughes whispered, "The opportunity is at hand!"! Take this gate! Behind the hillside outside the city is our hidden cavalry battalion! The defenders here will never think that someone will attack them from behind! And there are only a few hundred of them! The people of the city are now drawn to the Arc de Triomphe! As long as we go all out, took the gate, support for a moment to let the cavalry into the city, the battle is down! I, Hughes, am not stingy with rewards! With that, the governor of the Armenian Military District, who had always boasted of his aristocratic demeanor, drew his sword in person and was the first to pounce on the city gate! Behind,Nail Making Machine price, hundreds of elite, under the cover of the night, followed by a murderous attack!.


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