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Because he knows very well that what Xiao Jingrui knows is very limited, even if all of them are covered by Su Zhe, it doesn't mean much.

Because he knows very well that what Xiao Jingrui knows is very limited, even if all of them are covered by Su Zhe, it doesn't mean much. On the other hand, the good relationship between Xiao Jingrui and Su Zhe may be useful one day, even if it can't be used, at least it won't do too much harm. So for this list of guests with both enemy counsellors and musicians, he finally said only one sentence: "Show it to your mother." Since Xie Yu did not object, of course, Princess Mianyang, who lived in seclusion and kept a low profile, would not have any opinions, so the invitation was officially sent out smoothly. Hsiao Ching-rui also has some fair-weather friends who play around at ordinary times. They were all invited on their birthdays in previous years. As soon as the elders left the table, they crowded together in large groups, just to have fun. But this year Mei Changsu will come, and Gong Yu, who never went out to perform, will also come. Xiao Jingrui's attention to this dinner party has suddenly doubled, and he doesn't want it to become the same vulgar party as before. But if in previous years please, this year suddenly do not invite others, it seems a bit impolite, so inevitably in a dilemma. Yan Yujin saw what he was thinking and thought of an idea for him. He said that his parents had orders and demanded that the dinner should be elegant. They should mainly recite poems and paintings, enjoy the piano and talk freely. They were afraid of disturbing everyone's interest, so they booked a place in the biggest and best restaurant in the capital one day in advance. The popular girls called more than a dozen to accompany them and invited these friends to play for a day. This group of your sons are happy enough, for the next day that is said to be very "elegant plain" dinner is at a respectful distance,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, have taken the initiative to say that they do not want to add to the confusion, so successfully solved the problem of Xiao Jingrui. So on the evening of April 12, not many people came to attend Xiao Jingrui's birthday dinner. Apart from his family, there were originally only four outsiders, Mei Changsu, Xia Dong, Yan Yujin, and Gong Yu. Later, when the invitation was sent to Su's house,fenugreek saponins, Meng Zhi was also there. The commander casually said, "Jingrui, why don't you invite me?" Xiao big childe of course had to hurriedly fill a post to send over, added this distinguished guest. Although the number of people is not large, there are still a lot of things to be done in preparation for the banquet. The women's families only arranged the layout of the hall and the transfer of the servants, and Xie Bi had to arrange the purchase of all the other items. So as soon as Xie Er's son was free, he would gnash his teeth and catch his eldest brother and complain: "Why do you spend your birthday wandering around, but I work so hard for you?"? No, I'll get half of the gift! "You and my flesh and blood brothers, what to divide, my things you like what you can take away." Xiao childe four two dial a thousand catties, a soft words let Xie Bi no longer jump up, by the way also sent a message to come over, "Niang and mother asked you to go in, said to agree on the banquet menu.". Take your time and I won't delay you. Looking at the birthday girl Shi Shiran to hide out of the door, Xie Bi could only stamp his feet bitterly in the back, then resigned to continue to work. On the evening of the day, pumpkin seed extract ,pumpkin seed extract, the first people to come were, of course, Yan Yujin and Gong Yu. As soon as he saw Xiao Jingrui coming out to greet him, Uncle Guo quietly leaned over the beautiful woman's ear and said with a smile, "I'm in the girl's favor today. Usually when I come to Xie Fu, Jingrui never comes out to take over. I always go in alone to look for him.." Sure enough, as soon as Xiao Jingrui handed over his hand, he opened his mouth and said, "Miss Fang of the palace has come, and Jingrui is far away from welcoming her.". Come in, please. "Hey," said Yan Yujin with a cold face, "have you seen me?" "Yes, yes," Xiao Jingrui coaxed him with a good temper. "Mr. Yan, please come in, too." "You haven't said that you have lost the distant welcome." "Yes, I've lost my welcome to Mr. Yan. Would you like to carry you in?" "No.". Just hold it. Gong Yu couldn't help chuckling and shook his head. "You two.." he said. What a pair of good friends. That's because I gave in to him. Otherwise, I would have fought eight times a day as a good friend. "Yan Yujin said with a straight face," If someone wants to know what tolerance is, ask him to learn from me.. " "Why don't you get in here?" Xiao Jingrui laughed and scolded, "How long will Miss Gong stand with you in this draught?" Yan Yujin hurriedly arched his hand to the beautiful woman and said with the recitation of the libretto, "Oh, it's Xiaosheng's fault. It's windy here. Miss, come in quickly.." "Restrain yourself. The play hasn't started yet, but you're singing first." Xiao Jingrui gave him a white look and led Gong Yu into the flower hall. The guest drank two mouthfuls of tea, took a short rest, and then offered to take her in to meet the women. By this time, Gong Yu had removed the power of the outer cover, revealing a goose-yellow elegant dress. The plain face without powder and vermilion did not detract from her beauty, but added a kind of delicate charm. In response to Xiao Jingrui's kind invitation, she stood up seriously and declined in a low voice, saying, "Gong Yu is only a geisha after all. He came to Zunfu to add to the fun of his son.". Your Highness, the eldest princess, is such a noble person. How dare Gong Yu come to see her? Yan Yujin frowned and was about to speak when Xiao Jingrui beat him to the punch. "This is a personal occasion," said Wen Yan. "Why should you worry too much, girl?"? Besides, my mother and sister Qingyi in the inner courtyard are both Jianghu people, and they don't care about common customs, and sister Xie Qi has always been generous. Although my mother is a little cold, she has never been a proud person. In addition, she loves music and has heard of the girl's music name for a long time. She has told me that when the girl comes, she must be invited to see her first. His words were so sincere that Gong Yu could not shirk them any more. He thanked him and went in with him. Yan Yujin had no reason to follow, so he could only wander around in front of the flower hall. Fortunately, Xiao Jingrui hurried back to accompany him, but Gong Yu did not accompany him. It can be seen that he was kept by the inner courtyard. After a chat, Yan Yujin felt that the time was about the same. Just as he was about to ask, he suddenly saw Xie Bi coming quickly. At a distance, he began to shout, "Elder brother, come quickly. Meng Tong has got it." Xiao Yan two people hurriedly got up and hurried out of the second door. Because Meng Zhi was Xie Yu's colleague in the court, his status was valuable,jujube seed powder, so the concierge servant went to inform the master first, so when Xiao Jingrui arrived, Xie Yu and Zhuo Dingfeng had both come out and were standing in the hall with Meng Zhi.


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