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"I don't respect heaven, I don't respect Buddha, I don't believe in fate!"! But you always tell me that all this is doomed! When

"I don't respect heaven, I don't respect Buddha, I don't believe in fate!"! But you always tell me that all this is doomed! When Gu Changsheng heard this, he shook his head blankly. "What is my destiny?"? The people around me died for me, I am still alive, my destiny, what is it? What kind of mission do I have when I come to this world? When the young monk Bujie heard this, his face darkened, and his benevolent face flashed a touch of unbearable color. He looked at Gu Changsheng and said slowly, "Almsgiver Changsheng, the body of a mortal is not allowed to speculate on the secret of heaven. Almsgiver Zhou has asked the poor monk several times to help you predict your fate. But Almssiver Changsheng, the poor monk and Almssiver Zhou and you still have an unfinished cause and effect. The poor monk can't predict your fate!" "The way of Heaven is reincarnated by human beings. The benefactor of longevity should have escaped into the evil way because of the death of the benefactor Ning. It is beyond redemption. But your good thoughts are so strong that you do not hesitate to die to apologize. The benefactor of longevity, this is fate!" In the wise eyes of the little monk Bujie, he opened his mouth with compassion, "I know you have a lot of doubts in your heart, but the Buddha said that you can't say it, that's what you can't say!" When Gu Changsheng heard this, he immediately looked up and looked at the little monk Bujie with his eyes burning. A pure heart curse, in exchange for a moment of peace in her heart! But she couldn't say anything to this Buddha. She really had a bitter hatred and was about to hate him to the bone, didn't she? Gu Changsheng had to wonder if the little monk did not quit on purpose! Deliberately make trouble for her! "Almsgiver of longevity, don't force anything. When the time comes, you will know everything!"! Amitabha! The little monk Bujie opened his mouth slowly under Gu Changsheng's gaze. When Gu Changsheng heard this,plastic packing tube, he couldn't help rolling his eyes. "That's it again!"! Timing! Timing! When is the time in your mouth? Every time you let me wait, but the result is always a surprise to me! Go to evil! I don't like the feeling that everything is beyond my expectation! Don't like it very much! "Why did Tan Nu fall asleep and become a living dead?"? Shangxie, can you tell me the reason? "The mission of several generations, the Great Witch of Chaos has been reincarnated repeatedly, in order to wait for an opportunity. Now the time has come, but it is not yet ripe. If she uses the Witch King Zhu, she should be eaten back and fall into eternal lethargy!" The little monk Bujie did not hide this and explained slowly. Witch King Zhu? When Gu Changsheng heard this, he could not help frowning, turning thousands of thoughts from the bottom of his heart,custom cosmetic packaging, and opening his mouth in disbelief, "Do you mean that this insect between my eyebrows is a king?"? What king? "Almsgiver Changsheng has seven orifices in his heart. If you think about some things, you can guess the clue. Why should you ask the poor monk?" Seeing this, the young monk Bujie opened his mouth slowly. When Gu Changsheng heard this, he immediately got up from the futon and sat cross-legged opposite the little monk Bujie, frowning slightly and lost in thought. Yes, the little monk Bujie is a mussel mouth, he does not say, even if she can not pry out a word! But she has a brain, she knows the past and the present, she does not believe, with her cleverness, can not uncover the hazy veil inside the brain! She can, she can! "The sorcerer goes out of Bashu, and the evil spirit goes out of southern Xinjiang!"! Witchcraft was originally of the same clan. Tan Nu was a big witch born in Bashu. Witchcraft King Zhu, plastic packaging tube ,plastic laminated tube, as the name implies, is the highest witchcraft Zhu among witchcraft Zhu, right? Gu Changsheng looked at the young monk Bujie and opened his mouth slowly. "Is it to wish the witch king to be the king?"? Or should the one who is blessed be king? The sandalwood woman is the big sorcerer of chaos, still be eaten back, although be eaten back, but hang a breath, became a living dead, visible, this plunder, not dead plunder, also not unsolvable! It must be Tan Nu who used Wu Zhu! Now she has become a vegetable, so there is only one way to wake her up, to meet the standard of the witch king Zhu! "Almsgiver Changsheng, Almsgiver Tannu said before she fell asleep that you don't have to go against the sky and obey the destiny of heaven. Everything can be expected!" The little monk Bujie spoke slowly. Gu Changsheng Wen Yan, in the heart suddenly a pain! Tan Nu! That in front of the pagoda enchantress, in order to save her, at all costs the girl! She is always so quiet, quiet as if she doesn't exist! And now, because of her, I'm in an eternal sleep! How can this be! Anyway, one day, I will wake her up! I'm the only one in the world who can wake her up, right? Gu Changsheng opened his mouth with a firm face and a loud voice. Yes "This time, the little monk who did not quit would simply come back." And who is my mother? Miao people in southern Xinjiang? Or a sorcerer from Bashu? Gu Changsheng asked again, "That red forehead ornament is a relic of my mother, and now it has turned into an insect and entered my body!"! The worm of the tarsal bone, the worm comes out of southern Xinjiang! "And I once saw a portrait of my mother, in which she was dressed in red like blood, quite similar to one of my clothes, which was given to me by evil spirits, and the cloth was from the royal family of southern Xinjiang!" "Shangxie, my mother, was born in the royal family of southern Xinjiang, right?"? Otherwise, she would not have that forehead ornament, nor would she wear the cloth clothes that only the royal family in southern Xinjiang had! Shangxie, is my reasoning right? Gu Changsheng said slowly what she thought in her heart, but the first one who was shocked was herself! The royal family of southern Xinjiang! The mother of her body was born in the royal family of southern Xinjiang! Isn't she supposed to be the daughter of an unknown family of medicine? How did Yiyue have anything to do with the royal family in southern Xinjiang? For a while, Gu Changsheng could not accept such a life experience! How could the daughter of the royal family in southern Xinjiang have traveled thousands of miles to marry an ordinary person in Dazhou? That doesn't make any sense! "No!"! The Miao people in southern Xinjiang use women to play tricks, and they also have the culture of the matriarchal clan era, which respects women! Miaojiang women, generally do not intermarry with foreigners, if my mother was really born in the royal family of southern Xinjiang, how could she marry Dazhou? That's not right! Gu Changsheng suddenly thought of this, shook his head suddenly, and in a twinkling of an eye, he stared in disbelief, "I once saw in the annals of the Four Kingdoms that more than twenty years ago, southern Xinjiang was in chaos, and the royal family changed hands.." More than twenty years ago.. More than twenty years ago.. Gu Changsheng muttered absently,custom cosmetic packing, his heart suddenly frightened, "more than twenty years ago!"! This time, and my age. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com


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