Is Emirates Airlines the largest in Asia?

The government of United Arab Emirates fully supports Emirates Airlines as the country's national airline.

The government of United Arab Emirates fully supports Emirates Airlines as the country's national airline. The airline is popular not only among residents for domestic Emirates Flights UK but also among those going abroad. Emirates Airlines, with its quick improvements in working methods and customer care, has become a symbol of international travel for those beyond Asia.

Is Emirates Airlines the largest in Asia?

There's little doubt that Emirates Airlines dominates the Asian airline market.

  • Carried people.
  • Places that were reached.
  • How big the fleet is.
  • Money made.
  • The crew and employees.

When measured by the number of countries served, the airline ranks as the fourth largest in the globe, providing some perspective on its sheer scale.

Passengers carried

The fact that Emirates Airlines carries 22 million passengers per year to cities across the country and beyond the world is testament to the company's widespread appeal.

Destinations served

The airline's main hub is in Addis Dubai, UAE, from which it travels to almost 127 international and 22 local locations.

  1. 26 Cities in Europe, North America, and South America
  2. Gulf, Middle East, and Asian Cities (29 Total)
  3. 68 Cities in Asia.

Fleet size

With a total of 122 planes, Emirates Airlines is capable of

  1. Boeing 777-200Fs. (x 9)
  2. Boeing 777-300ERs. (x 4)
  3. Airbus A350-900s. (x 18)
  4. DeHavilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8-Q400s. (x 29)
  5. Boeing 737-800 (SF). (x 3)
  6. Boeing 767-300ERs. (x 3)
  7. Boeing 737-700s. (x 4)
  8. Boeing 737-8s. (x 4)
  9. Boeing 737-800s. (x 14)
  10. Boeing 737-800 (BCF). (x 1)
  11. Boeing 777-200s. (x 6)
  12. Boeing 787-8s. (x 19)
  13. Boeing 787-9s. (x 8)


According to new data, Emirates Airlines generates almost $5 billion in annual income.

Staff and Crew members

Nearly 12,000 individuals are now working for the airline.

Why Emirates Airlines is the largest airline in Asia?

Affordable travel fares

Emirates Airlines offers the cheapest airfares. Currency conversion rates are especially helpful for travellers from other countries.

Premium services

The airline provides unrivalled in-flight, on-board, and airport services. Certainly superior to its rivals.

The number of destinations

Emirates Airlines has become a viable option for budget-conscious travellers around the world because of its low fares and convenient route network.

Customer connivance

When compared to other airlines, Emirates Airlines stands out due to its extensive and trustworthy Emirates Business Class flight booking, cancellation, transfer, refund, and 24/7 customer care capabilities.

Emirates Airlines, a Star Alliance member, continues to be the largest airline on the Asian continent because of its low fares to most international destinations and high standard of service. For these and other reasons, it has become the most widely used airline system in Asia.

Several growth initiatives are still in the works, all with an eye towards the airline's '2025 Vision' goal of becoming the largest aviation group in the Asian region and increasing the market share of Asian carriers.

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