Learning Resources to Prepare for the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential is awarded to applicants who complete the AZ-104 exam. Let us examine Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam Strategies and Secrets!

If you want to take the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 test in 2023, there are several solutions you may use to help with your preparation. This study plan might help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam, AZ-104. These classes and hands-on labs may assist you in starting to become an Azure administrator, irrespective of whether you have no plans to take the exam.

Microsoft's role-based accreditation program now uses the AZ-104 exam in favor of the AZ-103 test. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential is awarded to applicants who complete the AZ-104 exam. Let us examine Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam Strategies and Secrets!

AZ-104 Administrator for Microsoft Azure

Implementing, managing, and monitoring a company's Microsoft Azure system encompassing virtual networks and storage spaces. Computing, identity management, security, and management, are all topic areas that candidates for this test should be knowledgeable about.

A wider group of people working to establish a company's cloud infrastructure frequently includes an Azure administrator. Azure directors also collaborate with other roles to offer Azure social networking, safety, database structure, development of apps, and DevOps solutions. Operating systems, social networking, and servers that serve as automation should be acquainted with test takers.

Implementing, managing, and overseeing a company's Microsoft Azure infrastructure, including cloud-based networks, storage, calculation, identity, safety, and administration, are all areas in which test candidates should have subject-matter expertise.

Additionally, candidates must be knowledgeable in servers, operating systems, social media, and virtualization. Individuals in this position should also be familiar with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), PowerShell, Azure CLI, the Azure interface, and Azure Resource Manager designs (ARM templates).

Learning Techniques

  • Develop practical technological expertise: Boost the knowledge and abilities needed in real-world situations.
  • Stay on track: Stay on track with personalized notifications and weekly progress updates on exams.
  • Obtain a certificate: Obtain a certificate of accomplishment to demonstrate your abilities and increase your reputation when you add it to your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Intended Clientele 

  • IT experts preparing for the Microsoft AZ-104 certification;
  • IT entrepreneurs seeking employment as Azure managers 

One of the most widely sought-after Microsoft qualifications is AZ-104: Microsoft Professional Azure Administrator Associate. You must complete the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Directing Partners exam to begin working as an authorized Azure supervisor. The exam evaluates your capacity for planning, carrying out, and monitoring operations in Azure environments.

Complete Guide on the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Test Preparation

You need to understand the test's assessment of abilities, the skills you should possess before taking the test, and the best ways to study if you want to pass. To pass the exam in one sitting, you need to concentrate on the following crucial areas:

Step 1: Learn the specifics of the exam

To begin with, you must meet the following prerequisites for AZ-104 certification.

  • At least six months or more of hands-on expertise in Azure, demonstrating a working understanding of the essential workloads and services.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft and practical knowledge of technologies like Office 365, CLI, ARM blueprints, and PowerShell.
  • It is necessary to have a solid understanding of virtual networking, virtual machines, and other infrastructure-related principles.
  • A basic comprehension of Active Directory principles.
  • Understanding of languages used for programmings like SQL and JavaScript.
  • Having some experience with ASP.NET.

You have 120 minutes to complete the 40–60 questions on the Microsoft AZ–104 test. The test has a variety of question styles, including investigation questions, short responses, multiple-choice, mark reviews, drag-and-drop, and more.

The candidate has to score at least 700 scores to pass the test. The price of the AZ-104 test is $165. Additionally, the test is only offered in English.
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Step 2: Exam Requirements

Implementation, maintenance, and tracking of identity, management, storage, computing, and online networks in a cloud-based setting are among the duties of an Azure Administrator. Other duties include supply, scaling, monitoring, and necessary resource adjustments.

Implementing your company's cloud computing system typically involves a bigger team that includes an Azure Administrator. The course structure has been revised to reflect the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam as of April 27, 2023.

The examinations cover these AZ-104 exam domains:

  • Manage governance and identities in Azure (15–20%)
  • Implement and oversee storage (15–20%)
  • Azure computing resource deployment and management (20–25%)
  • Management and configuration of virtual networking (20–25%)
  • Azure resource maintenance and monitoring (10–15%)

Step 3: Review the Certification, Official Page

Visit the official accreditation page as your first step in getting ready for the AZ-104 exam. Using the Microsoft company's official site, you may visit the AZ-104 exam's credential page. Important test details are available there, including the exam's release date, language acquisition, and enrolment cost. The AZ-104 test syllabus is also available for immediate download from the certification portal.

Step 4: Consult Microsoft's Recommended Learning Paths: 

The AZ-104 study guideline is the following most crucial item for applicants. Candidates need knowledge of where to discover the finest learning materials. The ideal location to start your preparations is Microsoft Learn. Candidates additionally have access to online free labs while managing questions through the Microsoft Learn portal. 


Step 5: Programs for Online Instruction

A reliable AZ-104 online training provider is a prerequisite for AZ-104 test preparation. You may always choose well-known company names for the greatest distance learning programs. You may benefit from the price, time savings, and confidence that specialists have developed the course.

Step 6: Consult Microsoft Guidelines

When preparing for the AZ-104 test, candidates must additionally look for genuine Microsoft material. Many applicants are uncertain about how to address the theoretical elements necessary to comprehend the exam's subdivisions. However, you may utilize Microsoft Docs to organize your studies and prepare for the AZ-104 exam. 

Step 7: Consult the practice tests

Along with the AZ-104 online course in Austin, USA applicants must use the AZ-104 practical test. The use of AZ-104 practice tests will be very helpful in assisting applicants in overcoming their exam-taking phobias. The practice test will help applicants understand the exam's subjects, structure, and setting.


The certification test AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator features a dedicated website on Microsoft Learn where candidates can learn about the exam, its prerequisites, and how to prepare. Additionally, this website offers advice on investigating, such as following Official content covering the AZ-104 exam and going through the study guide.

Do an in-depth assessment of what you have learned after you are certain that you understand every exam goal. Review your notes, complete as many AZ-104 sample exams as possible, and participate in online discussion groups. In the end, you will be prepared and sure you can pass the Microsoft AZ-104 exam.

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