The Peak of online learning and the Risk Involved in it

National Center for Education Statistics claimed that six million nine hundred thirty-two thousand seventy-five students are part of virtual learning or online learning. Its data suggests that people way before the coronavirus indulged in online classes or learning.

The data mentioned above is for the year 2018 and students who are enrolled in the open learning degree or schools.


The advancement of technology led to the flourishing of the concept of online courses after the coronavirus trend of online learning reached its peak.


The learning online trend before Coronavirus was for those who do not have time or access to join the regular class or offline class-based degrees.


The coronavirus changed the whole face of education while most of the classes during the COVID 19 period were online based.


The time of COVID was a difficult phase for everyone, with uncertainty regarding everything that was there. The understanding of virtual learning and safety was the biggest concern for students as well as parents. Visit university assignment help in australia




The Metamorphosis of our regular life into a virtual world was bewildering for every person.

Initially online schooling and business are not that popular giving offline classes was preferred now the pandemic made everything different something which was not appreciated become so important part of learning.


The virtual world opened the door to opportunities and convincing although it also became a place where online bullying, online abuse, and virtual crimes can take place.

Online threats and security

The online world and risk of abuse

We never imagine that even small kids from around the globe have to attend online classes. Most of the classes shared their links beforehand which was a hazardous issue as anyone can access the details of minors. Minors or students, in general, can be open to abuse online. As most of the student's details were not that protected. We need more privacy policies and strict against any issues which happen online. The parents and the educational institutions should be supervisors and overlook the minor's safety and prevent them from any problems online.


The emerging issue of cyber security


The more online classes and learning started to gain acceleration the more hackers and people who want to have sensitive information or abuse or bully someone started creating a threat to our online security, protect children or themselves we need to be more careful about our online security, have the full protection of sensitive data, and settings to protect ourselves from the threat of cyber attack.



Keeping your passwords strong and not sharing your private classes can be a good way to protect yourself. Having proper knowledge about the internet and the internet connection, people should put strong passwords in their wireless network to protect their security.

We tend to avoid reading long paragraphs or not giving proper attention to such information or clicking on random links can put us and our sensitive data at risk be mindful of your online activity.

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