Cells can influence the overall development

A rising expert in the field of biology, engineering, and physics from a reputed university Tsinghua University, Ming Guo has outstanding curiosity in diverse disciplines or interdisciplinary approaches to the interpretation of the expansion of how a cell can influence the overall developm

During his master's degree program, Guo took a very fascinating approach to understanding the mechanical aspect of plants for his research. He analysed the cell's integrity (physical) which includes form, area, and austerity.

Further, the aim is to comprehend the relation of cell biological integrity and how much effect it has on tree size. In the simplest essence of understanding tree growth and the impact of a cell.

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A path to discovery


He wants to understand if the tallest trees have any connection with the cell they have for that reason he stopped by the Yunnan province, there are forest areas where he collected leaves from the highest trees some of which are more than two hundred feet.


After spending hours and hours analysing every aspect of trees and collecting numerous tree leaves, one groundbreaking thing the researcher found was that in the leaves and the cells, there are some connections and very impressive relation. The smallest cell is found in the largest leaves. Another vital thing he explored is that cells can be a defining factor of evolution.

The whole result of the research made the researcher more engrossed in the understanding cell's physical form, cell role, tissue functions, and how everything can impact the organism's development. He started with tree cells and moved to animals to expand the overall relevance of his research.

The results were intriguing as they could point in the direction of improving cells and removing such diseases which are connected to the dysfunction of cells. As proclaimed by the researcher growth can be defined by cells it's a discovery of future or less cell oriented issues.


The waiting future and the bright side of the research

The researcher's groundbreaking examination made him a great mentor and professor. Which made him join MIT. Where his research work and future analyses done by him and his students. He took his research's conclusion and tried to broaden the implication that cells can determine growth now he is trying to integrate biomedical to engineering to find solutions for diseases like cancer. His future plan consists of creating equipment (biomedical application based ) to provide therapy to reduce cancer cells in a cancer patient.


In MIT where he is applying his biology and engineering approach to formulate a device to enhance the study of cell and changing the physical outlook of cell to achieve certain results

He is just not focusing his work on a cell although expanding to multicellular or more intricate techniques to understand organisms and their growth and development. The future of science can definitely bring a solution to cancerous diseases and help those who are in the need.


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