Earn Lakhs by Becoming A Travel Agent

This is a very good way to earn by becoming a travel agent.

This is a very good way to earn by becoming a travel agent. Nowadays there are many such businesses in the world, which you can start yourself. One of which can also be done by becoming a business travel agent. Lakhs of people in the country are doing business as travel agents and earning good income frm it. You can also start this business by investing less.

You can start this business from home or a shop.


To become a travel agent, you have to tie up with any company, if you tie up with any popular company, then the company spends more than half of it on its behalf. In this way, you can start a good business by spending less money and you will get a chance to become the best travel agent in less money. After this you will have to work hard to make progress in your business, after which you can become a successful travel agent.

You have 2 ways available to become an Travel Agent. You can directly apply to become an agent in TRAVEL. And second, you can become anTRAVEL agent through any agency.

I will tell you how to apply through an agency because it is very easy to apply.


How to become Travel Booking Agent by Agency?

It is much easier to become anTRAVEL agent through an agency. Because here you get very good support. Also other facilities are also available. And the work gets done easily. If you want to become anTRAVEL agent through an agency, then the Digital Seva Kendra portal is very good for you. This agency is working in the field of ticket booking for a long time.

  1. To become anTRAVEL Agent through Online Digital Seva Kendra portal, you have to visit in portal.
  2. Click on Registration Page
  3. Fill in all the details asked in the form

Digital Seva Kendra team gets in touch with you and gives complete details about the further process.

What are the documents required to become anTRAVEL Agent?

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Mobile Number
  • Photo
  • Email-id

Why should you become a Ticket Booking Agent on Digital Sevakendra?

  • Quick Support is available.
  • Customer management software is available.
  • Your business gets registered in Digital Seva Kendra. This makes your business grow.
  • As the number of customers increases, so does your income.
  • Digital Seva Kendra is in the business of travel booking for last 5 years.
  • You are not charged any additional fees.

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