Chrome 3-Trumpet Air Horn Kit: Extra Loud (149dB)

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Upgrade your vehicle's sound with our Chrome 3-Trumpet Air Horn Kit, delivering ear-piercing volume at 149dB. Get noticed on the road

. Sound Output: 149 decibels for commanding attention on the road.

. Air Compressor: Heavy-duty 12-volt, 16 amps, 150 psi for maximum intensity.

. Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallons (6 Liters) for extended honking.

. 3 Trumpet Design: Chrome-plated air horns add style and durability.

FREE Horn Button: Convenient and easy operation.
Experience the commanding presence of this new 3 Trumpet Air Horn Kit with its impressive 149-decibel sound output. The heavy-duty 12-volt compressor reaches 150 psi, ensuring the loudest blast possible. With a 1.5-gallon tank capacity, enjoy extended honking without frequent refills. The kit's chrome-plated metal air horns feature a striking 3-trumpet design, combining style and durability. Conveniently control the thunderous symphony with the FREE horn button. Upgrade your vehicle's horn for maximum safety and attention-grabbing impact on the road. Drive confidently and with a touch of personality.

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